Charlie’s Story Page 28
Charlie’s Story Page 28

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  1. unsteddy

    Ok really. Who in the hell would expect that explanation? Can’t believe that no cops were called…

    • Sarah

      I know, seriously. To both statements.

    • DanD

      Unfortunately this does happen. The “Gay/Trans Panic” defense exists, it’s not widely accepted, but people have gotten away with it.

      Also mob violence where even the people in the crowd who don’t outright support it fail to call the police is more common than anyone would like.

    • Reki

      As someone who experienced something like this, the officials will believe the group over the solitary victim. I had groups threatening my life, but because they all had their own story they are believed and I was punished for it.

  2. Izzi:P

    Yeah, but I got my criminal record at 11, I call bullshit on the legal handling, they’d be in jail PDQ, they’re like 15, assault, battery, GBH, ABH, sexual assault, affray, the list goes on, If I got charged for ABH pushing someone to the ground, they’d be screwed, plus witness testimony doesn’t override actual evidence, and they’d have at least their parents and the art teacher to vouch they were being harassed.

    Not that this isn’t a really powerful comic, but my mum was a SOCO, and my best friend is from a Police Family, I picked up enough to know that being under 16 wouldn’t stop them from going to prison.

    • Roxolan

      That’s as may be, but Charlie doesn’t know (and that girl might not either).

  3. Ivy

    i personally have heard of a lot of people getting away with it here. Yeah they would be charged.. if they get caught or the person being bullied calls the cops. problem is some people that are bullied are too scared to. and if u live in the small hick town i do in iowa.. a lot of cops over look stuff like that. However I personally and a few friends of mine (I have a friend like Charlie actually ^_^ her names jesse) have banned together and joined PFLAG and now there are even a few gay night clubs around town and GSA’s in the high school :D So now they dont get away with it but when i was in high school… they did. Its sad really.

    • Nexus

      Wow, my condolences for how your past was, but it was uplifting to read about the progress made where you live and your friend. :)

    • Sean

      That’s actually a major problem with violent crime in general. A lot of people are too scared to report it so no one has any idea that it actually happened and so the people who did it walk away free. And there’s no sort of campaign to try to get people to report what happened.

  4. Morgane

    @ unsteady, sarah:
    On one hand I agree with you, it can’t believe it could happen like that, and I feel like it’s a bit exaggerated/unrealistic.
    On the other hand, psychologist have forged a concept called “bystander effect” (look it up on wikipedia) also called “Genevese syndrome” after the name of a woman who was raped and murdered in the street and in her building in the 70s (see wiki again). Between the moment she was 1st attacked and the moment someone called the police, 30 minutes to an hour went by, but they were several witnesses that were aware someone was being attacked. They just thought someone else would call the police, or they didn’t to get involved. They thought it wasn’t their responsibility.
    My point is, when several people see something bad/dangerous happening, they won’t necessarily immediately call the police, they’ll hope some other bystander will do it. And they don’t necessarily try to stop it from happening themselves for fear for their own safety (and in cases of bullying/mobbing, that’s often what happens: not intervention to avoid becoming a target).
    Just to be clear, that is the explanation offered the psychology of such behaviour. I, of course, don’t think one should do nothing when something bad-whatever it is- happens in front of you.

    • Morgane

      skipped a word, I meant “they didn’t want to get involved”
      and toward the end “no intervention”

  5. JET73L

    As much as I love this comic, and as much as I know how necessary these things are to the story and the messages, it’s still frustrating to suddenly hit something that happens to be one of my triggers.

    This page was the point where Natalie became completely irredeemable for me.

    I need to calm down.

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