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  1. Lachie

    Was lieing her thinking this was so wrong…….

  2. Nami

    Okay, seriously? Could you make the straight people any more Complete Monsters? There’s a difference between telling these stories and bashing straight people. I’m sorry, I love this series but I reject such cardboard villia s

    • Anonymous

      Because no trans people have ever been attacked for being who they are…. right?

      Also, have you completely forgotten about Jamie? Last I checked he seems pretty straight.

    • Sam

      And what about Charlie and Steve’s parents? Charlie is straight, since gender is different from sexuality, and Steve’s parents seem all right, as well as all the background straight characters that pop up from time to time.

      • Opheliac

        Charlie is bisexual, actually. But seriously, OP, you’re a privileged asshole. There are many good straight characters in Khaos, and don’t pretend assfucks like Natalie don’t exist, because they fucking do.

        • Sam

          Sorry, realized my mistake just after I posted it.

    • Lenn

      Oh for the love of…I am so sick and tired of attitudes like this. “You’re against rape and domestic violence, so you must hate men.” “You’re in love with a black man, so you must hate white men.” “You’re against homophobia and sexuality-based hate crimes, so you must hate straight people.” This is a portrayal of homophobes and transphobes, not straight-bashing! Here I thought I’d only encounter that kind of tunnel vision as a feminist, but holy lord, was that short-sighted of me.

      Please take another look at the comic. Did you notice that the straight teacher tried to save them? That Steve’s parents did nothing but support and try to help their son, even though they were stressed out themselves? Did you notice Alex’s parents doing everything they could to help him get a boyfriend? Straight people are not bashed in this–homophobes are, and even they are sometimes given the benefit of the doubt (Jamie.)

      • Alchemist

        Don’t be so harsh Lenn, there ought to be *some* balance in any story with this many characters to stop the whole thing descending into a hate-wank, and there’s enough of those on the internet to cater for every particular group. I think khaos is fine for this, mainly because of the parents who in Nami’s defense are easy to forget, like real parents of teenagers they blend into the background and are unappreciated.

    • Jesus Juice
      Jesus Juice

      Nami, why are you assuming these people represent all straight people? And for all we know, some or all of these people might be suffering from internalized homophobia.

    • Spinmuffins

      No, I agree with half of what the OP said. This does make the straight people look like monsters and two dimensional villains. Not that there aren’t any better representations of straight, cisgendered people – Jamie is indeed one example, though he was a bully he had an actual “motivation” of sorts rather than just doing things because “i’m so mean, gay people must die”.
      Watch a movie like “boys don’t cry” and you’ll have a better idea of how this could have been better executed.

      I wouldn’t recommend watching it though. It is the most hurtful thing I have ever watched….
      But to sum it up, gay/trans bashing is not this planned out and villanous. It’s done out of shock/horror, it’s done “for laughs” and though it is done simply because someone is being weird, it would not be this planned out

      Especially not in broad daylight!
      This is in the morning on the way to school!

      • Habbap

        Late reply

        That’s a pretty jaded point of view Spin. Do you really think there are never planned attacks on people from our community in broad daylight? Try living in the bible belt and going to a high school of horror stories.. that shit does happen, and it’s disturbing just how often it happens, but more so how little we actually hear about it. Like it or not, the cold hard reality is that at the age Charlie and Tom are at at this point in the story, a lot of kids in high school that they’d be around would likely lash out and ridicule them or do worse for any number of reasons. And again, it’s not so hard to believe that they’d plan an attack where they couldn’t be stopped by teachers etc.

        Nami (OP), I happen to think that the automatic assumption that all the kids brutalizing them are straight is a bigger indicator of your own self delusions. Who’s to say that Natalie doesn’t want to be Nathan and so is jealous of Tom and Charlie’s courage, or that she finds Charlie attractive as a woman, or Tom attractive as a man and that scares her? There’s all kinds of plausible explanations for why her or any of the other kids are lashing out and furthering the issue by taking the time to plot an attack on them, and to assume they’re all straight just because they’re doing it is as closed minded as you think Tab is being in writing this part of the story. Seriously… before you go off on a tangent about how everyone else is clearly so intolerant, why don’t you double check the logic you’re using to make such claims, and in doing so make sure you’re not being just as bad as you assume the accused to be?

        -sigh- How ignorant some people are of their own ignorance is utterly shocking.

    • GojuSuzi

      There are plenty of ‘goodie’ straight folk (parents, teachers, etc.), and as of now only a couple of ‘baddies’ (that’s including Jamie, which is questionable due to his ‘reasons’).

      And unfortunately, Complete Monsters like this aren’t in the slightest bit cartoonist. I’m lucky as a straight cis-female I’ve never had it first hand (or been in the situation where I’d have to decide whether or not to speak out), but I know some gay/trans* folk who have, and some of their accounts make this seem mild! Remember, people are actually killed in assaults like this, a little rape-threat is far from passing the point of believability.

    • Nova

      DUDE! The straight PARENTS are supportive, or haven’t you been reading? <_<

    • Anonymous

      There ARE straight people in this comic who are good people. Just because some are assholes, doesn’t mean Tab is making all straight people out to be “monsters”

  3. Sarah

    Natalie’s face in that last panel, coupled with how I imagine she sounds in my head, scares the shit out of me.

  4. J

    I just keep reading this page (and the previous one) over and over again… It’s almost like it’s triggering, but really it’s just like I can’t even comprehend…

  5. Chloe

    I don’t understand… I just why would Natalie ever say something like “rape her.” I get that she is phobic, but rape? I mean, there must be something seriously wrong with her if she’s even thinking like that. And I don’t just mean something as in her homophobic-ness, but her brain. There has to be some serious mental disorder or SOMEthing, for her to say that.

    Has she looked at herself? I don’t know if she has noticed this, but she has female parts too. As a female, I don’t see how she can say that, and not think of what could happen to HER. Does she realize she can be raped too?

    I just… can’t even comprehend.
    I know it’s fiction, but I also know that people like this exist. And that scares the shit out of me.

    • The Guy You Still Are Waiting For
      The Guy You Still Are Waiting For

      Homophobia/Transphobia, why do you think is considered a disease?, at least by all most of the LGTB community (srry i did not do the research).

    • ali

      This is a power situation. Tom is an abomination to Natalie; less than human, even. A freak. Just lesbian women are raped to ‘turn them straight’, Natalie wants Tom to be forcibly reminded that she is (biologically) a woman. She is so fundamentally unable to grasp anything outside of the heternormative gender binary that when faced with such cases, she tries to assert control and force everything to be the way it ‘should’ be. There are few things more controlling and forceful than rape. I doubt that the connection to her own personal situation has even occurred to her. She is disgracefully ignorant, after all.

      • ali

        *just as

        • Eliot

          Wants Tom to be reminded that HE is biologically a woman.

          • Silas

            that he has a vagina*. you can’t biologically BE a gender, but you can biologically be a sex. even then sex is very complex and not as simple as “male/female”.

            tom has a vagina — though he may call it something else, so a better way of putting it might be “tom has what is socially viewed as a vagina.” he is not a woman, he is not “biologically a woman”, and you might say “biologically female” but that can be just as offensive.

  6. Taotu

    The statement “show her what it’s like to be a girl” in reference to rape is a really alarming thing for a young woman to say. I can’t help wondering what’s happened to Natalie, even though she is horrible.

  7. Brendon

    Oh god, the thing with tom(?) is freaking me out. I’m transgendered and my biggest fear is to be attacked and raped like that.

  8. Jayden

    Why people comment on this saying that the writer is trying to bash straight people is beyond me!

    I am a trans man and shit like this does happen. Luckily i have never had anything as voilent as that happen to me but i have had transphobic abuse :/

    I do find it hard to read things like this but at the same time it shows people that things like this are unfortunutly very real and not just fictional.

  9. kajapien

    Im not trans, but i have had enough homophobic abuse applied to me to know that people that nuts do exist. I can handle myself well enough, but against a group and having been suprised like that before, its actually really frightening to see what people not in their right mind will do when they have an upper hand on someone they consider less than human, even in broad daylight and in public.

  10. Adrianthefagboy

    “Show her what it’s like to be a girl”, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think being a woman instantly implies being a slave to men and our penises.

  11. Diego

    “Fucking rape her-show her what it’s like to be a girl” …says a Girl. Oh, but that’s of course what it’s like being a girl, hagin’ around, gettin’ raped once in a while. WTF.

  12. JM

    Out of all these comments…the thing that surprises me the most is that no one has clued in to the fact that Natalie is quite possibly a rape victim herself. Whether the author intended that to be the case or not, her idea that Tom should be raped to be shown “what it’s like to be a girl” strongly implies that a) she is angry about her own vulnerability as a girl and sees herself/ther girls as “weak” due to possible past experiences; b) this is a way for her to exert force over another girl in a helpless situation, perhaps to empower herself as a way of coping with her own disempowerment.

    I don’t think this scene has anything to do with straight people being cardboard villains – to me, this comic hasn’t seemed very one-dimensional in any sense – quite the opposite, actually. In fact, I’ve been grateful for the positive attitudes of most of the character’s parents, for one, and that’s a whole lot of straight people so far. This scene screams “psychologically damaged” to me with regard to Natalie. I don’t think she is “disgracefully ignorant” as one commenter suggested – she has probably not even begun to grasp how female disempowerment affects her/has affected her personally. Maybe its not her who is a rape victim at all – maybe someone she knows? Either way, there’s something there, and she’s taking it out on Tom and Charlie.

  13. Melyssa

    I have been reading this comic since yesterday, I think, and I loved it (still love it very much). Im a straight peruvian 21 years old female christian (not that anyone cares on reading this) and I would totally give that annoying girl (can’t call her a bitch, I have to watch my vocabulary, even when I want to call her a fucking damn piece of shit that is not worth even been called human being) a good kick on the face so nobody will ever recognize her.

    I just can’t stand people (christians, atheistics, bi, lawyers, etc) who can’t have any kind of tolerance or respect for other people. We are all created by God (Im sure some of you would desagree on this) why is some one better than other just because of a gender identity? As creations, we are all the same; as human beings with free will, we can be judge. That (bitch) girl wanting someone to rape other person is just a horrible and phatetic little thing. It really made me feel angry and upset cause I know that shit like that exist, and that a lot of people reading this comic (and a lot people who aren’t reading this comic) has suffer or are suffering bullying (which is such a short way to express some bad things that evil people do. Regardless the age, some people deserve to be judge like adults, face jail and suffer “bullying” in the jail).

    My worst nightmare is to get raped. I would not wish that not even for my biggest enemy. I will kill the person who ever try to do that to me. Im a christian and I love God but He knows I just will loose all my marbles and defend myself till someone die. No one should passively suffer any kind of maltreatment. If you act like a victim, you give power to the agressor. Never be submissive with those who hurt you.

    PD: I really wrote a lot. This page just wroke my heart.
    PDD: Amazing comic, de verdad que transfiere mucho sentimiento.

  14. JET73L

    Were I just as upset but somehow still in a joking mood, I would put in the effort to make a decent comment about the irony of knives being a phallic object, and wanting to repeatedly stick knives into Natalie.

    I’m not in a joking mood.

    I’m pushing through this because I want and need to finish this series. This is… just a bad… time.

    I feel sick.

  15. LiaHansen

    holy SHIT

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