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  1. darkninja555

    People like that bitch and her friends piss me off so fucking much.

  2. Mimi

    That bitch is going to hell.

  3. Ivy

    what’s worse is there are actually teachers that over look stuff like this and laugh about it… fucking ridiculous. I turned alot of them in. Got a lot of teachers fired.

    • boop

      good for you! :)

    • Mike

      I wish I could do that, my old English teacher, let kids scream dyke across the room at another student in the classroom. She pretended to not hear it, but it happened to often, and to loud for that to be true. Besides she often listened in on students conversations and commented on them. So I know she was listening.

    • JET73L

      Good. They deserved worse.

  4. Evan

    ………… I don’t care what it takes I’m going to fucking kill this Natalie chick.

    • Carolyn

      I know right? I keep having to remind myself that she’s a fictional character (sadly she’s got a lot of real-life counterparts) and not try to find her and scream at her. I’m a pacifist but I would beat her. >:(

      • Jo

        Me too. It’s so hard not wanting to punch that douchefuck in the face.

        • EdCasey143

          A mantra I picked up from a friend that helps is “Prison orange is not your color… Prison orange is not your color…”

  5. Lachie

    So a Person did this some time ago in my Town… The next week the bully shows up dead… Police still have no idea who did it.

  6. Char's Mum
    Char's Mum

    God the fucking AIDS comment.

  7. Link

    *sigh* I can say so much about this including personal experience, I’ll try to keep it short. Basically I broke up a mob of girls harassing a boy that was gay at my school. From what I have heard he was trans but I can’t trust gossip. Either way I didn’t personally know him cause I’d graduated before he transferred.

    • kajapien

      Thank you for your common sense

  8. Johndar

    I am so fucking angry this waste of skin didn’t get any punishment for this bullshit. If I was Charlie’s mum, I would not rest until she was jailed.

  9. Croc

    I think i will become a murderer.

  10. Anon

    What am I reading? What the fuck?

  11. Naveese

    God! I just want to fly over to England, do some black magic to make myself appear in Khaos as some awesome fighter, and beat the piss out of her. I can’t handle hearing about stuff like this. Imo, Homophobia and the like is one thing. I can handle people like Jamie because he doesn’t actually beat people(ans I know there’s a reason why he is like he is). But this is just.. Erhg. Tab, I really want to curb stomp her. Any typos made were made out of frustration and a touchy phone keyboard-thing.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey anon why the wtf? Not funny at all.

  13. Anonymous

    What way?

  14. garbud

    its probably a good thing i haven’t been in this situation. mainly because i keep a knife with me at all times and know were to aim.

  15. Anonymous


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