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  1. unsteddy

    Yeaaah, good old Jamie

    • Jiokuy


  2. Steff

    “The first time I saw Jamie he was teasing Alex for being gay. Now, I should be the last person to be pleased to see someone bullied. But Jamie calling Alex on his shit filled me with glee.”

    Am I the only one who is angry at Charlie for that? I seriously hope that she was saying it out of spite, because if she ACTUALLY meant that, then… that’s just disgusting.

    • Pi

      All of these characters have faults and are selfish/manipulative/mean to some extent. So yeah, it’s okay to be angry at her about it. You’d think she’d sympathize with how horrible it feels to be bullied over sexuality/gender identity, but no.

      I guess it doesn’t bother me very much because having vices gives these guys more depth and makes them more interesting to me. If they were all perfect, well…that would be boring and they wouldn’t seem so real.

    • kowaiyoukai

      Pi’s right, but I got so mad at Charlie right then. I don’t care how well-rounded a character this makes her. Anyone who enjoys seeing people being bullied is trash–the lowest of the low. But I’m willing to see how things develop and give her some leeway because of her one-sided crush on Tom.

    • Evan

      Keep in mind, that Charlie didn’t say “I’m so happy Alex is getting bullied that serves him right for stealing Tom.” She said she was happy Jamie was calling him out. The truth is Alex IS gay and he’s in denial or just in the closet. Probably both. So while, yes, Charlie was being selfish and spiteful because Alex was stealing Tom, and she was taking pleasure in Alex being called out, that doesn’t mean she was approving of random bullying on absolutely no ground.

      • Liam

        IMO, her being glad he was called out about being gay is probably worse than her being glad about the random bullying. It gives this page the feel that she believes everyone should live as they are (i.e. embracing their sexuality or gender identity) and that, if they aren’t, they deserve to get called out on “lying”. But I haven’t read any further so I have no idea if she actually holds that type of belief, or not.

        • Faye

          My thoughts exactly. It’s surprisingly hypocritical since she struggled to embrace her own sexuality and gender identity, first privately and then publicly, and though it’s completely understandable why that was the case, she seems conveniently forget that because “hehe, Alex’s insecurities are being picked at, hell yeah.”

          I understand she’s jealous, and jealousy makes you into some different kind of being all together (Just look at Nay and her nauseating hatred towards Mark) but endorsing this type of attitude is really hard for me to do, maybe because it IS based on jealousy.

          Also, the way Jamie regularly “calls Alex out” for being gay is by shouting “Fag,” which is why Charlie’s glee is also irksome.

    • SolitareLee

      You’re not the only one, when I saw her reaction to Alex she plummeted waaaay down on my “liked characters” list. She’s just above Amber, and that’s just because she has a better excuse for being a prat about this sort of thing.

  3. Captain LeBubbles
    Captain LeBubbles

    Am I the only one pretending that that’s what Jamie was *actually* saying, rather than Charlie just not caring about getting the specific quote as much as the point?

    • C. T. Obvious
      C. T. Obvious

      For some reason, I think that’s exactly how Jamie’s and Alex’s “relationship” has developed at that point. Some kind of mean-spirited, but ritualistic greeting using generic phrases to spare themselves the trouble to make up new insults every day…

    • Anonymous

      I’m HOPING it’s what Jamie was actually saying, it just makes the exchange utterly hilarious.

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