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  1. Ragmatical


    • Lenne

      I second this.

    • Subaru


    • Achromatiscope

      Please. Please, please, please.

    • smaller

      Exactly what I’m hoping.

    • Anonymous

      she’s a machine, machines can’t redeem themselves

    • Will

      There is no “reedeming” at this point. She already fucked up, she can’t just “fix” it, at most she can be slightly less shitty.

    • Faye

      You’re optimistic. I’m thinking of this going the WORST WAY POSSIBLE and either his mom getting stuck in denial or somehow blaming him for what happened to him when he was a kid.

      Because she’s horrible.

  2. The_Rippy_One

    This is one of the most rational ways to handle “this,” ever. It’s entirely emotional. How the he…darn it humanity, yet another way that you make no sense!

    Love the page

  3. kitty

    oh man this hurts my heart. I had similar things happen to me like this.
    >___> all of a sudden yelling out something that was life changing to you because your so angry at your parents. and all the drama afterwards.
    I really hope things will get better for jamie. soon. :’I

  4. n14

    Go Jamie. Getting that off our chest and all

  5. sreiches

    Man, that was cathartic for ME. Can’t even imagine how it must have felt for Jamie.

  6. Tidal

    If his mom slaps him, calls him a liar or somehow blames him for what happened, I swear to GOD, I will reach through this computer and strangle her.

    • Hector

      I second that. I don’t expect her to roll over and be compassionate or supportive. From what I’ve seen of her character so far, I expect a full-on inquisition… and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were the reason for Jamie’s breakup with Charlie.

      • Rich


        • Tim

          I think she’ll be too busy assuming that the rapist jamie was talking about was Alex Murphy…

          • Mercury

            Exactly what I was thinking…

  7. Subaru

    AH! Her reaction! HOW WILL SHE REACT?! D:

  8. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    WOAH!! finally he´s growing a pair and talks back to that b*tch – thats one huge step to getting better! not to mention that thanks to charlie´s unconditional support he now can talk about it.

  9. kittenz

    I’m optimistic.. I mean, as good as the outcome *can* be in this situation. His mom’s expression in the last panel is not one of complete frustration and anger, which is what I expected. She’s genuinely shocked and concerned. Could go either way.

  10. pizza

    Oh god *hides under blanket* This is intense! *peeps from under blanket* It all boils down to her reaction. However, maybe this will be an opportunity for Jamie’s mom to reveal a stain in her own past that lets us know why she treats Jamie the way she does. Because it can’t be just being a strict Christian and a mother that’s influencing her actions. I mean it could, but not for this comic lol. It would be a nice way to reference the second-ish line in his story, “I don’t think people should use their pasts as an excuse for their actions.” Jamie’s past and upbringing (something that can’t leave him) influenced his actions from his reaction to Mark and Steve, to a couple of pages ago with Charlie. I sense something his mom is hiding that made his dad neglectful and causes her to treat him that way. Those are my awkward two cents lol

  11. Olivia

    Am I the only one screaming inside “GO JAMIE!!! FINALLY!!!!”?

    Yeah I guess I’m the only one…

    • marbledmurrelet

      Nope, that was pretty much what I thought as well.

  12. Rei

    Shit. Jamie’s face. Woah.

  13. Amber

    My money is on her totally not believing him and/or blaming him for it happening in the first place. Something like calling him unclean and that sort of thing.

  14. Ally

    HOLY SHIT. I did NOT expect that.

  15. Peppermint

    It only just occurred to me that one of the possible reasons why Jamie’s mother is so fucked up is that she might be a rape survivor herself. That would explain her obsession with cleanliness and why she’s so judgemental/terrified of sex.

    (Because in my experience people who react to something with anger and close-mindedness are just terrified, usually.)

    • Rich

      Yes, I thought so too.

    • Mercury

      I had not thought of this, but it makes a lot of sense. Hrmmmm…

  16. Matt

    With all due respect, Jamie’s mum has been unrealistically abusive and negative, it seems to me. I love the comic passionately and this is one of my only issues. I think that I’d probably find it slightly more convincing if she had some semblance of humanity instead of just being monster^3 + monster all the time. I can’t believe that anyone would ever have married her when she seems completely unable to have a basic social conversation without spewing an insult, for example. I understand that she’s supposed to be hated, but I find it difficult to suspend disbelief when she’s got nothing redeemable about her whatsoever. o.o

    • Trolldrool

      If it was that simple, to tell what the person someone’s about to marry is going to be like in the future, we wouldn’t have any cases of spousal or child abuse. Such negative traits don’t appear instantly, and the other party in the relationship is probably too head over heels in love at first to notice the early signals. That or they choose to delude themselves into believing it’s only temporary and things will get better with time.

      • Matt

        But even so, she’s a demon, really. There’s not a shred of humanity in her. It just doesn’t ring true.

  17. Mercury

    Perhaps Jamie is himself a product of rape?? Was that his actual dad we saw earlier in the comic, or was that a step-dad??

    I think his mom is going to crumble in self-pity for failing to protect him from the badness of the world.

    • JeseC

      If it’s anything like what my mother did, the self-pity is exactly right. Followed by somehow making it all about her and how she can’t believe he hadn’t told her earlier and he needs to tell her everything and do everything she says so he can get better.

  18. Felix

    Tab you’re breaking me. And I love it. Now this is what I wanted to see! Go Jamie go! You got a whole cheerleading squad over here in the comments section.

  19. Never

    Can I just say, what a way for it to come out? I hope his mom is going to be all upset and sad that he thought she didn’t need to know. She frustrates me, but I’d hate to see any mother get mad about something like that.

  20. C. T. Obvious
    C. T. Obvious

    I’m sorry, but, despite the high drama, the last panel made me LOL! (In a good, liberating way)

  21. Cecilia Tan

    Ahaha perfect.

  22. JET73L

    Mm, catharsis. Even if she kicks him out or blames him or something else awful and things get REALLY difficult, this is still good for Jamie.

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