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  1. passerby

    Wait. What.

    The possibility that she /didn’t/ know about it never even crossed my mind. So confused.

  2. annaheger

    @ KS Claw
    When did sexism ever help to make the bad better?

    • Anneominous


    • Steff

      Also, when did violence ever help to make the bad better?

  3. annaheger

    @ tab

    great visuals, especially where Jamies head is partly cut off, when he realizes is mom knew.

  4. Claire

    My best friend was repeatedly raped by his elder cousin in childhood.

    A few years ago, he confided in me.
    A few weeks ago, he called me in tears having just discovered his parents knew and did NOTHING.

    Didn’t report him.
    Didn’t move away.
    Didn’t get him help.
    Didn’t even confront the abuser.

    They just let it run it’s course.

    If there is any more precise definition of the Ultimate Betrayal, I’d be interested to hear it.

    Jamie – I’ve never wanted to reach in and hug someone more, because I’ve seen this agony irl, and I promise – it KILLS the people who care to see a loved one suffer so much.
    Thats likely what is hurting him the most right now. To know someone that he assumed cared did fuck all.

    I pray he goes to a friend – anyone, , Charlie, Colin, Mark & Steve, Murfs – anyone who has shown anything resembeling an adequate degree of humanity towards him.
    He needs that love right now.

    • Nomen

      Well, Jamie’s mom knew about it. That’s why they moved away. I’d call that doing something, even if not the best thing in that situation.

      • Leslie

        that is not really doing anything at all. That is running away from the situation. She should have done more. I would have ended up in jail for killing someone if they had done that to my child girl or boy. That person could have been family they would have died.

  5. Jen

    Panel 2… Wow.

  6. KapiTezuka

    It really shows Jamie’s character that he goes “Why didn’t you say something so others could have been saved?” instead of “Why didn’t you say something to help me?” I have a close friend who a similar thing happened to, the only difference being that his rapist stopped when he hit puberty … his parents also knew the whole time and never did anything, the guy is still living there, unperturbed and respected by the village. He took his whole courage together, took them to the pub a village over and confessed when he was 14, just to be met with blank stares and “Yeah, we know, but this 2 years ago, shouldn’t you be over this by now?” No surprise, he has major trust issues now and can’t believe anyone when they say they like/love him, he drowns himself in alcohol just to be able to go out and stand other people … Jamie reminds me constantly of him, and even though he exists only on paper and in our heads, I sincerely hope it’s not too late for him yet.

    I cannot understand how parents can idly sit by while their children are destroyed, because that’s what it is, they’re being broken on so many levels … I’m not a mom yet, but my godchild is 6 now and if anybody ever did something like this to him, I don’t know what I would do to that person (here I should probably mention that it’s one of my life’s goals to never hold/shoot a gun) and I’m not sure I’d ever get a chance as our entire family would go equally berserk … in any case, I really hop this is the final straw that makes Jamie ditch his mom. She does not deserve any presence in his life, ever again.

    • Amphaket

      “Yeah, we know, but this 2 years ago, shouldn’t you be over this by now?”

      Are you fucking kidding me.

      Seriously, what the fucking fuck.

      You don’t just say to someone, “Yeah, it happened, get over it.” You either know it’s going on, and step in to the point where all hell breaks lose over the abuser’s life, or you find out and then all hell breaks loose over the abuser’s life.

      You also don’t just stand by and say, “Yeah, we knew, so what?”

      Any parent who does something like that doesn’t deserve to have a child, or be called a parent.

      • Kate

        Seconded. I am blown away. I am not a parent yet, but I can only imagine what I would do to someone who hurt my child. My mother felt the same way. Even nothing bad /did/ happen to me, she told me she didn’t care if it was the President of the USA, if someone touched/hurt me, to tell her so she could kick their butt. To me, THAT is what you should be able to have as a child.

        • LeDayz

          Even though my stepdad is generally a jerk, he has almost gone to jail because some man standing behind us in line at a gas station touched my hair and said it was pretty (I was 24 years old).

  7. Matt

    ._. And more monster from Jean. Well there’s a shock.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m reconsidering Jamie’s mom’s reaction to Jamie’s and Murph’s horseplay as little boys. Does it occur to anyone else (now that we know she was aware of the sexual abuse) that her insane reaction was perpetuated by the thought that Jamie was repeating behavior he had learned from his abuser? It excuses absolutely nothing about her behavior, but it is an interesting layer of complexity.

    • Quim

      Yes, it occurred to me. It doesn’t excuse much, but she must have been terrified by that situation.

    • Rychon

      It wasn’t protective, it was blame. She hit Jamie, treated him like it was his fault, and like there was a problem with him that needed to be fixed. Zero interest in the well-being of her son in both incidents.

      • ML

        I think part of it was protection in her mind. Not to excuse what a horrible person she is.
        I think her freak out was to scare the shit out of him. In her mind it was saying “You will not be like that!” to jaime. In her fucked up mind she was helping by scaring him away from becoming gay or a pedophile.
        Shes still a waste of space regardless.

        • Anonymous

          I was almost wondering if Jamie’s mum thought that the horseplay between Murphs and Jamie was the abuse, but I just rechecked and he met Murphs after he moved away from that guy, so that’s me messing up. And I agree. She should have done something more than what she did. Report him to any sort of authorities, or at the /very/ least get Jamie some therapy. Because carrying that around will destroy you, as Jamie well knows.

  9. Month

    I have issues with my mother. Nothing so severe as what happens to Jamie, but she is a controlling bitch. We, my father, brother and I, have learned to nod, say yes, and do what we believe is true, down the years. But if I was harmed that way, or any child she knew was, she would go apeshit on him/her, quite possibly attack him/her physically (being 5 foot flat I think that doesn’t pose much threat, but with my fathers backup, it does). How the fuck doesn’t a parent do something to show to their child that is safe, is something I can’t understand.

    This betrayal should not go unpunished.

    • Wren

      “being 5 foot flat I think that doesn’t pose much threat”

      Don’t underestimate us short girls. We can be dangerous :P I’ve never had a guy be able to overpower me.

      • Wren

        Well..once.. But that’s uncomfortable to talk about and actually relative to the story,

      • Wren

        Well..once.. But that’s uncomfortable to talk about and actually relative to the story.

      • Anon

        I had a 8th grade spanish teacher who had been a soldier, a sniper, a prison guard… and then decided to teach middle schoolers?

        She was terrifying.

        She only came up to my shoulder. (even with her Peg Bundy hair.)

        • IamMe

          It’s much more terrifying to actually teach any grade than it is to be a soldier, a sniper or anything that involves your hands, then it’s your life and the life the person next to you in your hands. Teachers have the future of a nation in theirs.

  10. Ami

    Hmm… now I am intrigued if there will be a Jamies mom’s story.
    Can’t wait for the next page…

  11. Flaw

    Oh that bitch. I don’t know why anything she does surprises me anymore but this is just the lowest of the low.

    I was thirteen when I realized I was bisexual, and I was thirteen when I lost my virginity to a rapist showing me why men were “better” in my own back yard. My mother took me to the doctor and told me not to go to the police. I feel for Jamie. I /still/ don’t forgive my mother for that.

    I can’t imagine how long it will take him to come to terms with it.

    • Month

      To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t go to the cops either. Cutting his balls and feeding them to him, are so much more liberating.

  12. QueenColonDarkwing

    Wow. She just crossed a new level of bitchiness.

  13. Anneominous

    I can’t believe that anyone is actually applauding Jean for this. Newsflash: this is not how you handle rape in the family. You document and report it, you don’t just run away and hope everyone forgets. She just became ten times more monstrous to me, because this is completely indefensible. Everything else she’s done can be explained (though not excused) by her own effed up worldview, but this? Even bad parents want to protect their children. She didn’t even try – because once a child has been raped, that trauma stays with them, and do protect them from it, you have to help them confront the trauma.

  14. Carliro

    Well, I hope for her own sake she has a damn good excuse.

    Otherwise, she deserves nothing less than having her head chopped off and having her soul raped by balls of light for all eternity.

  15. Rhov

    My mother, right here.
    “Yeah, I knew your brother-in-law was molesting you. He was doing the same thing to your little sister. I told him to stop. He eventually did, right?”

    I’m really curious how Jean justifies herself, because my mom’s best “justification” was that she didn’t want my sister’s marriage destroyed, her husband to lose his position in the church, and the family to be shamed by what that bastard was doing. In my mother’s mind, it was better to save face and just turn a blind eye than expose the entire family to a volatile situation. In a sense, sacrificing two daughters to save a whole family from “sin.” Only my mom additionally blamed ME for “not being strong enough to shove him away.”

    This hits home in so many ways.

    • Ella

      That is… horrifying. It honestly amazes me what some parents are willing to do to their children. Like so many others have said, you can’t just shove something like rape under a rug and expect it to go away on its own.

      Every time I look through these comments, it’s always a shock that things like this actually happen. I have amazing parents, and the situation that so many of you guys are in terrifies me.

    • Kate

      That repulses me. I am so sorry. I’m sure other people have told you this, but it was NOT your fault. He is an asshole, and your mother was incredibly insensitive.

      Hugs for you and your sister, the two of you must have grown into some strong women.

  16. SolitareLee

    Yeah, uh, to anyone who is like “OH YAY SHE MOVED HIM.” That’s… that’s not how you react to your child being raped. Like, you find out and even if you DON’T want to call the police, at least get the kid counseling! It’s not like “oops, we’ll have none of that” and then expecting them to be spontaneously ok!

  17. Tri-Twist

    What kind of completely AWFUL person…She’s…there are no words. Jamie remove her from your life, this is not…she shouldn’t have… just no.

    And all of the people in the comment section, I’m so sorry this or anything similar to this happened to you.

  18. Polly

    So, I’m not sure if anyone has considered this theory yet, but: what if Jamie’s mom was raped, too?
    I believe it’d be relatively consistent with her behaviour so far; she might think she ‘got past it’, so Jamie should have, too. She may have internalized all the victim blaming, and other negative stuff, and ended up projecting most of it; that’s where the reaction to the ‘sin’ comes from, and so on.
    Yeah, it’s probably far off from the real story here, and not very elaborate, but I just wanted to let it out.

    • Anonny Ms.
      Anonny Ms.

      I am glad you said this. I had been reading through the comments as I wanted to avoid posting something similar. Yes, she did not handle the situation well, but it could have been that something similar happened to her or to someone she knew, and she saw the victim-blaming and additional hated that “telling” brought about. Especially when you consider that blaming the victim was even more popular in her childhood. So while her actions may not have been ideal, at least she did something to get the abuser to stop hurting her son. Did it help anyone else? No. But she didn’t stand by like many of the parents that I have read about who did nothing.

      • Month

        She still betrayed him in the most horrid way. No matter her past, since she is a mother, a freaking parent! she should have risen above her torment. She should have tried to protect her child in ways she was not protected! Instead she did… this.

  19. Rei

    I dislike Jamie’s mum so much, but based on her background, I can understand why she’d want to never talk about it. She should have done something when she found out, but didn’t know how to. Parents never know what to do when a child is abused; it’s one of the most horrible things that can happen.
    I look forward to her explanation and how this new knowledge will change their relationship. Her top statement on this page irritates me, but since Jamie never talked about it, she might have thought he’d moved on. She is not as uncaring as people make her out to be; rather, she doesn’t know how to deal with it and is extremely uncomfortable talking about it. Her body language on this page and her facial expression on bottom panel of the last page prove so. It’s sad, but on some level she’s not as horrible as she appears to be. She is still a religious nut, but it’s how she was raised. It would be hard for her to change her ways after all this time.

    This page makes me wonder why his parents split up. It’s possible that Jamie’s father didn’t know and when she told him after the “cleansing” incident told him and he split. Sad times either way.

    • HenshinFan

      I find this explanation far more likely than intentional malice on the part of Jamie’s Mom. Tragically most people are absolutely *&(^&(* clueless when it comes to dealing with stuff like this. Bible-thumping fundies even more so. That doesn’t excuse what she did, but it does provide some context into why she acted that way.

    • Lizz

      Yes there are grey areas and I can easily see where she could have been an abuse victim at some in time too. But here’s the thing: SHE HIT HER KID. He was playing and SHE BACKHANDED him. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter how psychologically fucked up you are YOU DO NOT HIT YOUR CHILD! I heard my mother use this excuse for my father’s behavior so often growing up. “He’s sick. He has his own problems. He’s a very hurt man….” As I grew up I realized… that was true. My father is a emotionally crippled man with mental illness. But that still doesn’t justify that HE HIT HIS KIDS! It is not ok no matter what your own scars are to take it out on kids.

      • Anonny Ms.
        Anonny Ms.

        I do not know what country you are in, but in the United States there are huge swathes of the population that see nothing wrong with “spanking”, and spanking can involve an open hand, belts, switches, rods, etc. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” is a phrase that many still take to heart, especially when uppity educated people tell them they shouldn’t.

        • Anonymous

          There may be people out there who still spank their children but there is a huge difference between a smack on the rear and backhanding a child. I was spanked as a child and I’ll tell you what whatever I did to deserve it, well I never did it again.

          There are a lot of children out there (some who are in my family) that have no respect for their parents because all the parents do is send them to their room when they get in trouble. Guess what most kids have not only a TV in their room, but also toys, movies, and some even have video games. How is that a decent punishment for swearing at the table during a family get together or any other punishable act?

          Now don’t take me the wrong way in no way am I saying hitting a child is acceptable, and honestly I doubt I’ll ever spank my kids, but I honestly don’t see the point behind grounding a 7 year old.

          • SolitareLee

            Trigger warning considering the content of the pages above and all this, but I think you guys are probably right about the key factor being anger in the difference between abuse and other things. (I also think that with children, the amount of violence can be a BIG hint. Backhanding is NEVER okay, not when a swat on the wrist or rear works just as well if not better.)

            I never quite put it together like that, but it makes perfect sense and I think it’s going to be my new go-to when trying to explain this shit to other people. One of the reasons it hits home (trigger warning: kink, violence)? My bf are quite into kink and after a lot of begging I managed to get him comfortable with hitting me around a bit. His rule of thumb? He will NOT EVER let himself be angry when he’s doing it. I think he’s an awful lot smarter than me, to have figured out abuse vs discipline or play in our case so much sooner than me, who actually came from an abusive background.

        • Anon

          Discipline and abuse can be distinguished by one key emotion. Anger. You CANNOT discipline a child while angry. When disciplining a child, one would be calmed, and collected. Capable of explaining to the child the how and why of the discipline. If you cannot calmly show your child where he or she went wrong, and explain that you are going to spank them (seriously only need two, maybe three swats to the backside maximum), and then execute the disciplinary action in a calm and collected fashion, then you need to back up and take a breather, or else you WILL do something regrettable.

          When done in anger, one can only abuse. Anger disrupts the educational factor of discipline. You cannot show the love and compassion that is discipline when you are clouded by rage and anger. Do not abuse, do not raise your hand in anger. Children are smart, you need to be able to educate them, and convey that you still love them, before, during, and after the discipline process.

          • ViviWannabe

            I fully concur. I spank my kids for discipline, but it is always done in a calm manner and they ALWAYS get hugs afterward. If I am angry with my children, I will walk away (or send them away if I can’t) and administer discipline when I have calmed down. And I always always always give them hugs and cuddles afterward and tell them that I still love them. I also never spank without fully explaining (sometimes before and sometimes after, depending on the infraction) exactly why they are receiving a spanking.

  20. Kiki

    My mom was repeatedly raped as a child, and it still affects her terribly. Her parents did nothing about it. It has crippled her ability to have meaningful relationships her entire life because she feels dirty and not worthy of love. I have had to be the parent in our relationship for as long as I can remember and it breaks my heart to see how much she hates herself because of it. Her parents broke her by doing nothing about it.

  21. Dremora

    My rapist was the son of my mom’s best friend. When I told my mom I got raped as a child and asked if she knew, she said “I almost got raped once too, no big deal!”, while she still suffers from her almost rape because of my dad accusing her being her fault for dressing up to slutty back then! Talking bout a one fucked up family right here.
    PS: The almost rapist of my mom was a priest.

  22. Kit

    =/… She didn’t do the right thing, but I feel sorry for her anyway. I believe she TRIED to do the right thing, and it just… Didn’t, work. Because as much as we might know what the right thing is in one case or another, we don’t always know it in the spur of the moment.

    Charlie did absolutely the wrong thing just a few pages back, and nearly everyone felt nothing but terrible for her. I’m not going to say Jamie’s mum is on the same page, because her emotional reasons may well be far more twisted, but it is possible that she too is motivated by genuine fear, and lack of understanding of just how deep it struck her son – because he never talked with her about it.

    I feel terrible for everyone who was raped and the family did nothing, but evidently she tried to do SOMETHING when she moved away, and moving’s a pretty big deal so I don’t think she was quite as unconcerned as she looks. Maybe it wasn’t what she should have done, but until I hear her justification, I’m going to withhold judgement… I don’t think she’s a happy person at the very least, given we’ve never once seen her smile, and whether she’s in the right or in the wrong I’m pretty sure she has a whole host of issues herself. It’s sad however you look at it.

    • Month

      She almost did something terrible. She afterwards felt like a piece of shit. She stopped when she saw him suffering.

      Mommy dearest on the other hand… did fuckall but make him suffer. No matter her reasons, she has failed and betrayed him at every turn…

  23. arjay2813

    wow, see this is what i was talking about on the last page. as wacked out as she was with his friend, i thought she would have like taken out the bastard that did that shit to jamie

  24. Amber

    Everyone’s hating on Jamie’s mum for not reporting the rapist, but did it occur to anyone else that she might have done? She might have reported him before moving away, and thought that the best way to protect Jamie was to keep it from him and never talk about it.

    • SolitareLee

      Except… that’s still the wrong thing to do. I mean, make her as sympathetic as you want, she still did the wrong thing. I’m not talking about reporting or not reporting, that’s more of the choice of the children and parents gauging if their kids can do it. I’m talking about the “keep it from him and never talk about it” thing. That’s a terrible fucking idea. Not to mention if you’re going to abuse the shit out of a boy for doing anything remotely sexual, he’s going to figure out what was happening to him earlier in his life was bad, bad, bad. He wasn’t so young he could just not remember it had happened.

      For me, an otherwise decent parent making that kind of mistake would be an honest fuck up, still the wrong thing, but she tried. But we’re talking about someone consistently abusive, VERY, VERY ABUSIVE. Like, SUPER CRAZY ABUSIVE. So she doesn’t get the “honest mistake” points here! Not only did she not get him help, she just tortured him instead!

      Also as a PS you CANNOT just “report and run” like you’re suggesting. You have to press CHARGES for there to be a crime, and you have to be there to testify and provide evidence.

  25. Dog

    She’s talking about the incident with Alex, isn’t she.

    • Sarah

      The incident with Alex happened -after- they moved, so it’s safe to assume she’s talking about the actual rapist.

  26. Pachi

    Oh holy hell it got worse.

    I wish this wasn’t something that happened in the real world, but it is. It happened in my family. People KNEW while the father abused his kids. His wife knew.

    I’m only thankful I didn’t exist when this all went down.

    But the fuck still lived to be eighty eight.

    God dammit.

  27. themann1086
  28. Silent

    Parents split. Mother moved them away. Mother didn’t report things or ever bring it up…

    Yep, makes me wonder if it is Jamie’s dad that did it.

    • Silent

      And oops, never mind. It’s been a while since I read the first few pages… I forgot it was the next door people.

  29. Takara

    What about Jamie’s father ? What if he choosed to go back to his former house after Jamie’s mum told him why she had such a violent reaction in front of Alex/Jamie (she was scared to see his son going the same way as his rapist). because of his job, it is possible that he didn’t know what happened to his son.
    Maybe he had a fight with Jamie’s rapist and now he is in jail. Jamie’s mum felt alone, she never wanted this (her husband in jail, this horrible story harassing her), she didn’t want Jamie to do the same thing (as his father…). That would be the reason of her “promess” and the fact she wants to know everything about Jamie’s life : she doesn’t want him to confront his rapist.

    This theory could explain why Jamie has to leave : he wants to see his father in jail or to confront his rapist to help his father.
    (Sorry for the mistakes… Not-english-reader)

  30. Wolfie

    Why do I get the horrible, horrible feeling she thinks it was Murphs that did it…

    • Nomen

      Because you forgot the beginning of the story where they moved away and /then/ there was in incident with Alex.

  31. pizza

    Nooooooooo!!!! My anger is overshadowing my logic, but I’ll try to make some sense of why she possibly did what she did.

    She was ignorant of how to help the situation any other way. I guess she might have figured that if she took him out of the situation he’d recover because he’d get over it (which is horribly wrong, but I don’t think she knew that). She does look guilty, but that’s not enough sadly. I need to know what she was thinking. It’s so important to know her reasoning. Why not stop letting him go over there? Why not take her rage out on the asshole that did it to him like she was so quick to take her rage out on him? Why not take 1 minute to pick him up from the house (even if it was just next door or whatever)? That simple action alone could have stopped something from happening to him! How did she find the hell out anyway?

  32. possumsej

    This is so messed up and all the stories on here from people who have expirienced the same sort of situations.. omg im so sorry we live in a world where this happens.
    It makes me feel so lucky to have been raised in a family where this sort of thing would never have been allowed to happen.
    I have two beautiful sisters and we have all agreed that if this ever happens to one of us we would do our best to put the sick *&^%$ behind bars or failing that in the ground.

  33. Zekiran

    This page is pretty much how it was with me and my half-brother while he was molesting me most of my childhood. My mother didn’t “know” but I’m sure she had to have at least noticed something weird going on.

    Problem was, that back then (from the mid 70s and into the 80s) there was no safety net, there were no protections for kids or teens like myself. Today, there are always the “stranger danger” overreactions and still the problems persist.

    There was no one who would BELIEVE me, and I knew that. Even when my brother killed himself – after having started molesting his step-grandchild – the first reaction to “yes he did that to me too” by his wife was “I didn’t want to hear that.”

    Of course you didn’t want to believe that the man you loved was a pedophile and incestuous rapist. Who would want that? But the problem was that he lost control over his environment and his behaviors lapsed back into his “comfort zone”.

    That our mother did nothing, and certainly would never have *admitted* that she knew had she been in her right mind at the time of his death (she has slowly lost any hint that she ever gave a rats ass about anyone but herself, this doesn’t surprise me at all) she wouldn’t have done anything anyway. He was her ‘favorite’ child. I probably ‘deserved it’. Or something. No idea. Never bothered to try and talk with her about it later either. There was no point.

    My only issue now is that without the closure of asking him, my brother could have molested hundreds of children – he was working in an *elementary school* for most of his career. We’ll never know. He was charming, attractive and generally helpful to everyone else – but to me, he was still the monster that I wrote unconsciously into my stories as a villain. Still haven’t shed a single tear, I don’t think I ever will.

    Anyway this page is not a surprise to me, and is beautifully done.

    Jamie’s reaction is golden to the core though. He really is a much better person than anyone could notice past that gruff exterior. I love him very much, this character has developed the most I think, of all of Khaos.

    • Karla

      Parents always know. They may say they didn’t (LIE), but they always know. It’s a specific sort of mindset, sort of family, where this abuse happens and nothing is done. You think your mom didn’t see/smell/hear?

      Otherwise, the boy gets sent off to military school, and that’s that.

  34. Diana

    I wonder if Jamie’s mother was raped as a child, and never told anyone. Perhaps that could explain her reaction to the issue. She is obviously emotionally disturbed, but has anyone ever thought of WHY? I mean, she may be a complete bitch, but there could be a reason behind it.

    • Silent

      There could be a reason, but some people are psychological disturbed because they are born that way– it’s quite possible that she’s just a narcissistic bitch, and has always been that way.

  35. Chris

    I’m in America, but I’m sure its not any different anywhere else. 1 out of 6 males will be a victim of sexual abuse in their lives. 1 out of 3 females will be a victim of sexual abuse in their life.

    When you find out this has happened, tell, tell again, tell till someone listens. Get counseling, go to the police, get more counseling, loose your entire life as you knew it, get even More counseling, don’t expect any job performance for this time period, be happy if you aren’t homeless and unemployed until this is over, get more counseling, hate everyone, get more counseling. I highly recommend PTSD counseling. It IS a trauma, treat it like that and hold on to the fact that it DOES get better.

    A child that is believed by their parent can live a normal and happy life, as if this never happened to them at all with the proper amount and kind of counseling.

    And “Stranger Danger” we always knew to watch for.. its Bullshit. The biggest threat is a close family member or relative or trusted friend. Its not strangers, its your own family.

    This whole comic was super hard for me to read because I was going through the after effects of my kids admitting my husband was raping them for years.. YEARS. I didn’t know. Everyone hid it from me.

    Jamie’s mom is a putz, but we aren’t reading Her story, we are reading HIS. He may not know everything she was going through or doing either. This doesn’t discount she is a putz.

  36. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    let me guess: she didn´t say a thing and/or got her kid help cause she was worried what the people would think. UGH! that kind of attitude makes me sick – right after blaming the victim, motto: you´ve got to have done something to provoke it/him.

  37. JPHaukka

    BTW, I like the thinner new hand-drawn lines in the comic.

  38. Cgreylore

    You know, Sometimes parents just simply do NOT know what to do. They are as afraid as the victims, and in some ways ARE victims themselves. Don’t get me wrong, Jaime’s mom is STILL WRONG, she is where the buck stops, she is ultimately responsible for the safety of her son and should have done more. But Ican see her side too. Speaking as a single Father of a wonderful 10 year old. If someone was to ohurt my little girl like Jaime was hurt, I would be on trial ina week with my defense to the judge of being “Fuck yes your Honor and I would do it again, and again, and again, maybe even taking longer next time. Sh’s my little girl. I hope s/he burns in hell.” We parents do NOt have a guidebook, I wis hwe did. We live in fear of people hurting our children and the fear of losing them to the state. As a single Father I have zero rights according the laws of the state I live in and had to go to court for 9 months in order to get full custody of my daughter from the state and her homeless, drug addled mother. Sometimes we screw the pooch folks (again it is NO excuse simply an explanation).. reserve judgement on Jaime’s mom until we know the whole story. The pass judegement.
    You may crucify me :)

  39. Erl-King

    Why does she seem so matter-of-fact about the whole thing? It’s downright weird. Knowing and not saying anything about it, letting it happen, is one issue, and it’s awful, but that she seems almost nonchalant about it now – “Well yes, why do you think we moved” – makes it somehow even worse.
    This is the first time I’ve properly had to wait for updates, I’m on tenterhooks! Ack!

  40. acidic

    Parents sometimes seek comfort in denial. They want to pretend nothing happened, and everything is okay. Yes it’s selfish to do nothing about your child being raped, and it’s messed up, but I can understand why.
    Parents try to wish it all away when it’s still there, and become blissfully ignorant. That’s probably the case of his mother here. Once you seek counselling, the police, etc for that sort of thing, though it is the best course of action, the memory becomes harder to forget than feigning ignorance.

  41. Lennie

    …half hoping that his mom will respond with something along the lines of “oh, he’s isn’t going to anyone hurt anyone else again…ever. Remember that little field at the back of our old house where we used to grow our own corn?” (10 points for vague movie reference).

    • SolitareLee

      Hahahaha ~send them to the cornfield~.

      Probably not what you were referencing but it made me gigle.

      • Lennie

        I thought of “The secret window”. Granted, it was VERY vague. Your suggestion was just as good.

  42. fatkat

    Wow, I read this every time it updates, and this is a lot!!!!

  43. J

    The emotion in this is… insane. It really speaks to Jamie’s character, that his first response is thinking of someone else, and not asking her why she didn’t help him/put him into therapy.
    I love the character development with his mother… I will always hate her and people who are like her, but I love the development nonetheless.

  44. Anonymous

    Honestly, guys, I’m just gonna sit back and see what happens with Jamie’s mom, I’m not sure we should be so quick to villainize her.

    One. Remember how we felt about Jamie in chapter one?
    Two. So far I haven’t seen anything where I can say “Yup, that woman is abusive.” I know that sounds ridiculous, but look. She’s homophobic, so she beats her son for touching another boy and in her mind it’s like corporal punishment for opening all the cereal boxes at Safeway. It’s not right, but she has delusions that society has imposed on her. No one is born to hate a people. She is constantly nagging and prying with Jamie, but that’s just like my parents, who immigrated from Vietnam and are constantly afraid and distrustful of American culture. Now, this has led them to develop racial, sexual and cultural prejudices and phobias that have constantly saddened and angered me, but even though I’m upset when they tell me to be extra careful around black people or worry that I am never going to find a “proper” husband, I’ve never once doubted their love for me.
    Three. To all the people who are saying “oh she moved, big deal” I say, what? Maybe it’s just me, but from a purely non political perspective, uprooting your entire home life for your child is honestly making a huge effort. I couldn’t imagine my parents making such a decision for me, even though, again, I know they love me. They worked for near twenty years from nothing to raise the money for that house. So while it probably was not the right choice to make, it wasn’t like she stood there, blamed it on Jamie, and did nothing. That’s so much more than what many other parents would do.
    Four. I’m not trying to make her seem like a good person, honest. But I don’t think she’s being horrible for the sake of being horrible. She’s the product of a homophobic society, but she wasn’t born to hate. And she also wasn’t born to know what the fuck to do when her marriage is falling apart, her son won’t talk to her, and there are disgusting pedophiles out there ruining her child’s life. And maybe it’s a bit much to ask her to think of the other victims out there. I’m not saying Jamie isn’t right about not telling the police or something, but I think it’s possible that she just doesn’t think that an issue like this would happen often enough to make a big deal about it, and she doesn’t want people treating her son differently.

    • SolitareLee

      Sometimes it’s ok to villainize people who backhand and emotionally scar their small children.

    • Joxter

      If it’s okay for her to scald and beat her son because she’s a homophobe, then I think it’s okay for me to hate her. I don’t really care why she is the way she is; I have compassion for her in a way, because she seems constantly miserable, but actions are what matter. ESPECIALLY for parents. Yeah, sure, mental illness is horrible and I wish no one suffered the way I’m sure she does. On the other hand, I don’t care. I still hate her.

  45. Julie

    Tab I beg of you for a good ol’ fashion happy ending and some serious justice to be served against Jean because this is starting to really break my heart :(

  46. Ariel

    This is pretty much what happened to my first ex, he told me when we were 17. I asked him if he ever blamed his parents for not reporting it or if he thought he would meet the man again some day. It was not a good thing for him. He wished they had reported it.

  47. Mikkousha

    There are a lot of decent people on here being more understanding of Jamie’s mom than I am. IMAO people like Jamie’s horrible mother should not be parents. *refrains from saying worse*

  48. Locutov

    There are so many things one can say, so many things one cannot say…
    First and foremost… please remember that there is no black and white view of the situation, it is not in anyway possible to assign a clear blame on anyone, was it bad what she did? most likely, did she have any other choices in her mind? we’ll never know. Please also keep in mind that tab writes from the first person perspective. We only see Jamie’s perspective in this story, we only hear his thoughts, so the story is in no way an objective view of his domineering overbearing mother, it’s how Jamie sees his mother.

    I have no words to even begin to describe my admiration for tab for writing this story, the psychometry of it is simply amazing in its likeness to reality it is simply astounding.

    Now, as for her actions…. many of the actions a parent takes could be classed as the “lesser of two evils” there is no right or wrong about it, it is simply just that, to be forced into a choice you do not wish to make. Mind you, I’m not trying to defend her, in my opinion, vile, loathsome and reprehensible behaviour. Though I do have to ask myself, if this, in her mind was the best option to choose, what was the worst option? We never see what becomes of Jamie’s rapist, and I do find the sudden absence of his father rather conspicuous. I do hope tab can see her way to answer these issues before the story’s conclusion, as I am all the more curious about it

  49. JET73L

    Hm. I’m wondering if she’s talking aboutthe incidents when he was eight, or just the incident with Murphs.

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