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  1. Been There
    Been There

    For abuse survivors to enter healthy long term relationships, they often have to break off contact (with or without confrontation) from all of their abusers and enablers so they can get the emotional hooks out of their flesh. I am so proud of Jamie, and of TAB.
    Jamie was not only the victim of a prolonged period of sexual abuse and emotional manipulation by a male adult, but also was part of a lifelong co-dependent relationship with a physically and verbally abusive single parent of the opposite sex who enforced an emotionally incestuous relationship with Jamie. He will not be safe and free to be with Charlie until he has literally “broken up” with his mother, not as his mother, but as his first and most screwed up of all his girlfriends.
    Relationships like Jamie’s with his mother are called emotional incest because they have many of the damaging effects of a physically incestuous relationship, and bar the victim from feeling able to be a full partner with a “normal” and healthy lover like Charlie. Good luck with your recovery, Jamie. You are doing amazing!

    • Ditto


  2. ArynChris

    Actually, besides to a counselor, I don’t see where this is going. I don’t even know if he’s headed for Charlie’s houses, Alex’s, or Steve’s. And I /still/ don’t know where we catch up to the beginning.

    *steeples fingers* Please continue.

    • Ally

      I’m thinking Alex. Tab did say there would be another Alex scene, after all…

    • Allie

      My initial thought was Charlie’s, but now that you mention it I guess it could be any of the three.

      In other news, I’m proud of Jamie for standing up to his mum :D and if he needs a hug I’d totally give him one

      • Chekchie

        I personally think he may go to Mark’s place who may be with Steve and he’ll reveal the whole thing to them, as they’re his closest friends. If I were Jamie, I wouldn’t go to Charlie, as probably being in a kind of shock/rage mind, it would only hurt her if I was going to her place totally panicked, especially after last night. Also, the insecurity Jamie probably saw about her would be more logical if he didn’t come to her house. As for Alex’s house… well yes there’s also a possibility, but Jamie never really made up with Alex and going suddenly into someone’s house you’ve not talked (nicely though) to for years isn’t the most logical thing to me o_o

        • arjay2813

          he could go to mark or steve’s, have them get the other and Murphs, and have jamie tell the whole story, and be taken in by one of them, or just about any of the other characters’ parents, except perhaps Amber’s mother, for some reason i just dont see her going for adopting an almost fully-grown kid. Jamie leaving his mom could be just about the best thing to happen to a single character in the story.

    • Heliiii

      I’m guessing it’s the reason he’s always going to work and has lots of jobs – Mark and Steve think he is saving up for something in their stories, after all.

  3. Miter

    My money’s on Jamie bunking with Colin for the night and then hitting the road, saving people, hunting things. Even though this is a special circumstance, moving in with your gf and her mom is not cool. Also it wouldn’t feel very realistic that somehow everything worked out that way: Jamie moves in with Charlie, and somehow Charlie’s mom has enough money to support him through college as well as paying for her own daughter’s tuition. It would be nice if life worked that way, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

    • Razorstain

      I lol’d at the Supernatural reference. *hi-fives*

      • Anonymous

        I second that :D

    • Ally

      Psst – in the UK, “college” means the last two years of school, not university. Charlie’s mum isn’t paying for her tuition (obviously she *is* carrying all the other costs of having a teenager living at home, and doubling that would be a huge expense).

      • Anonymous

        The plus side is that Jamie already has a job which he’s been using to pay rent to his mother. Assuming Jamie ends up living with Charlie, and assuming Charlie’s mom asks for monetary compensation, he already has an income that was being put toward living expenses.

      • Heliiii

        Also in the UK if he’s under 18 and still at school, the government has to support him anyway, give him a place to live and offer counselling/a mediator to help smooth things out with his mother if he wants.

        • Allie

          I know ESA was cut, I can’t remember whether it was cut completely or not

          • Alphonse

            EMA was cut, but replaced with a different system. It’s a bursary system, and the money is automatically awarded if the student is claiming benefits for themselves or awarded at the digression of the college/sixth form if they’re not.

            My college gave me one to pay for my train fare, books, UCAS application and visiting Unis because I was a young carer. Jamie would certainly qualify if he could manage to explain his situation to the college.

    • DarkoNeko

      > My money’s on Jamie [...] hitting the road.

      Same here. I think he’ll soon go somewhere away from Charlie (hence the starting scene) for a while, possibly a boarding school in another state.

      I hope he’ll come back to her once he sorted himself tho, but… Well, that’s life.

  4. QueenColonDarkwing

    Jean is such a huge bitch. I mean my family NEVER talks about our problems and feelings but if my mom would of found out I’d been sexually abused she would become a mother bear, go next door, and cut the little fuckin’ abusers nutsack off (and I mean literally). She wouldn’t even think about what others thought of her or her own wellbeing.

    I hope he stays with Charlie or Mark (maybe Steve – Steves family is BOSS). Please be happy Jamie

    • Allie


  5. Elisha

    I have a bad feeling about where this is going. Because she’s not trying to stop him, because she feels she needs to control him rather then just kick him out and have him fend for herself, because she was also left by his father in an abrupt way…I have a bad feeling she’s sitting there by the stairs with a gun or something. I hope it’s not that, and I’ll wait until Monday to see where it goes officially, but it’s typical of stories (as opposed to real life, where just normal things happen) that there’s not an all over happy ending. Especially themed as Khaos is, so far everybody had ended up with the one they love, and while Charlie and Tom haven’t had it easy they’re both still alive and for the most part happy. No discrimination from their friends, their new school seems tolerant (whether from ignorance of their circumstances or otherwise) and everything’s generally turned out well…I have a terrible feeling that Tab vilified Jamie, redeemed him, and will let him fall again to impact the audience.

    Sure, life isn’t all happy endings…I’m not sure if I want my version to happen or not. The reader in me says it should, but my liking for the character wishes it wouldn’t. *crossing my fingers*

    • Chekchie

      Well, you don’t know if she’s crying in her bedroom or something. Or just feeling powerless. From what I’ve seen so far, Jamie’s mom, as I think, is, yes, crazy, but I don’t think she’s psychologically broken enough to kill her own son, as she’s simply a mother. She may be dependant of him, but just by moving to another place, agreeing about sending her son to school, let him go out with his friends she probably don’t think are “recommandable”… all of this proves that she still have some common senses!

      I’m an optimistic :3
      And I think the whole purpose of the story, about the relationship between Charlie and Jamie, would be pointless before they could even have sex (I’m not saying that in a pervy “omg theyre h0t and want them to have sex” kinda way…). Khaos is to me mostly about couple relationships and Charlie and Jamie’s isn’t completed enough to me.

      • Elisha

        So far Jamie’s mom hasn’t been very sensitive or thinking about anybody other than herself…after all, she knew of the abuse and her first reaction was to move so she wouldn’t get blamed. When Jamie finished high school it was a cash grab so he could bring money into the house for her, and only agreed to further schooling IF he got a part time job as well. She didn’t know much about his friends, as evidenced by Jamie’s hiding of his club clothing. She’s never been particularly interested in his well being and seems to be more interested in keeping him caged up and useful. To me, that’s not motherly AT ALL. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was calmly cleaning a knife right now.

        As for Jamie and Charlie’s story being finished, wouldn’t that be the ultimate kick in the pants to finally have Jamie start to heal and maybe be able to have any sort of sexual relationship, only to have his mom flip out and…dot dot dot. Besides, sex is what you make of it. It’s an important part of any relationship, but it’s not the pinnacle. If I don’t have that closure, I would be ok with that. It takes a long time for survivors to feel ok if they ever do again, and Jamie and Charlie should work on expanding the comfort zone, which never happens in one mind blowing evening.

        • Scoot

          I have known women like that; The thing that seems most likely to me is that she never lets him back and completely estranges him, maybe even to the point of calling the cops if he arrives at her door ever again. Regardless, in the end, she is a self-pitying coward; This isn’t Carrie’s mom, you know. She’ll probably feel bad for herself and angry at him, and the whole big world that seeks to do her wrong.

      • Silent

        “… all of this proves that she still have some common senses!”

        All it proves is that she is a selfish, avoidant and passive aggressive bitch.

        Sorry, but optimism has NO place in abusive relationships, and Jean is outright abusive.

    • Biev

      We don’t know that she’s not going to try to stop him. When I left the house, it was in a situation similar to this one. My dad waited for me to pack my bags and then came to corner me in my room. Then he tried everything, short physically restraining me, to get me to cave: yelling, cajoling, tears, threats of violence, threats of suicide. I expect to see this on the next page.

      • SolitareLee

        Yeah, when I left home in a situation similar to this one, things got pretty bad pretty fast. My dad was not just going to let me out the door. And if you don’t have someone to take you in, like I didn’t? It can get even rougher.

  6. Darren

    …wait, is the whole strip part of a marathon group councillng session?
    That’s where I see it eventually heading now.

    Think another commenter saying that Jaime will head to Colin’s may be on the money for the short term.
    He’s tight with Jaime, and likely to put him up for a bit without asking him any questions or knowing enough to “judge”(not that other friends of his would judge, but Jaime may feel that people with preconceived notions of his homelife would)

    • Rich

      YES. YES IT WAS.

  7. SashaMew

    Well. It looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to poor Jamie.

  8. May

    I think Jamie’s going to join the army. Something that will force him to leave town. Why else would he leave Charlie?

  9. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa

    He’s not leaving Charlie. “The only woman [he'd] ever loved” was his mom.

    • MagNCheese

      I really don’t think the woman on the front page is Jean. Jean has long, blond, curly hair. This woman has shortish, straight, not-clear-from-the-black-and-white-picture-but-probably-green hair. Also Jean doesn’t strike me as the type to wear lacy, black, sheer shirts, but I know someone who does…

      • Sandra-Leigh

        Gotta agree, the hair is not even close to a match for Jean.

    • LilacGirl8

      Also, he said the only “girl” he ever loved, not the only “woman” At first I thought you were right, but I went back and looked, and I don’t think it was his mother. And, in the pic he is hugging the person good bye, and he left without even wanting to look at her.

    • DarkoNeko

      Wow, I’m almost tempted to call “trolling” there :)

      But if you’re serious, i’ll admit that possibility hadn’t crossed my mind, and seems very very veeeeeeeeeeery unlikely

  10. nona

    No idea why, but that brochure, No Limits Counseling, just makes my heart go to mush.

  11. Manuela

    Well, good for him!
    I “broke up” with my mother about 8 Years ago. I didn’t have such a dramatic story as Jamie, but at some point I just knew that if I wanted my mind to be free and to heal, I needed some serious distance. For about 7 Years I didn’t speak a word to her. A lot of people couldn’t understand how can leave his own MOTHER, but if a person hurts you enough, it doesn’t matter if they are close family or strangers. You should get the possibility to get away from them, to protect yourself.

    If Jamies anything like me, his personal development will go into overdrive as soon as he’s free from her. I look forward to it!

  12. Tidal

    If the next page is Jamie’s mom threatening to kill herself because he’s leaving or some bullshit like that, I will literally cry out in frustration and rage.

  13. maggierandom

    okay, i officially want to punch him mother in the face. good for him! its not easy to do that sort of thing, but its a damn good step in the right direction.

  14. Sandra-Leigh

    Jamie would have to leave Charlie if Jamie were going to jail, even if the incident originated in self-defence.

    I am not seriously expecting this outcome, but it is still a possibility at this point.

    • Aileen


  15. hawaii05

    so im going to be the bad person and applaud his mother. I might not have made ever same decision she made, BUT she at least did something. She did move Jamie and her away, and truth be told she isnt a counselor nor has the training on rape victims and a lot of older personal do believe you do get have to put on your boots the nect day and you live life and move on. I know too many parents who either suspect abuse or problems and they either ignore them and figure they will work themselves out or they figure they are wrong and just ignore it. So I will applaud her for at least putting her son first!!! ^^

    • Jeathro

      But she didn’t put her son first. I get where you’re coming from in that at least she took action but that action was completely selfish.

      • Kim

        was it? her thought is “I couldn’t let -them- take you away”
        Now either that’s a “I can’t live without my son” or it’s a “he ought to be with his mum, here’s best, I know because I’m his mum” (now, his mum is obviously stability challenged… but she might have been doing something somewhat selfless)

  16. Rhov

    Her reasons were as I feared. Really, I had hope my mother was some twisted exception, but that’s being idealistic. At least Jean’s reasons are slightly better. She was a single mother and probably paranoid about losing her son. She didn’t want him taken away, so she did what she thought was best… ignorant, but she’s no psychologist. I’m honestly a little teetering on how to feel about her. On one hand, she was doing what she felt was the ONLY choice for a single mother: protect her son and get away from danger without telling anyone who might blame her and take away her son, only to have Jamie end up in a foster home with even worse surroundings, then proceed to utterly SMOTHER him as her way of making up for it. On the OTHER hand, her ignorance is brutally apparent, she never stopped to see if her son was really okay, she assumed way too much, and she let a rapist go free. I want to smack her, but a tiny portion of my heart wonders, if I was in her position, and as ignorant as she was about psychology and how the childcare system actually works, what would I have done if I feared reporting something so terrible would get my child taken away? Argh, this is a sign of truly good characterisation, where you can’t utterly hate a person, but you still want to bitchslap them. I’m immensely proud that Jamie had to guts to get away, and I really hope he never looks back.

    • Dara

      She wasn’t a single mother at that point, though. When they moved away from Jamie’s rapist, she was still married. The divorce wasn’t until some time after the incident with Alex.

    • C. T. Obvious
      C. T. Obvious

      *sigh!* But even with best intentions, parents can be terribly ignorant sometimes…

  17. Neko

    You know… I’m starting to think that, maybe the first page isn’t what we think it is. It says he’s about to “leave the only girl he ever loved”. But what if that doesn’t mean “breaking up”? What if it means he needs to physically LEAVE, to sort his fucked up life out? I mean… Yeah. Something like that. IDK.

  18. Marcus

    Maybe I’m reaching out a bit too far, but I’m wondering if Jamie doesn’t commit suicide in the end? Has it been discussed at all?

    I’m just pondering that maybe Jamie tells his old friends everything and realizes he can’t cope with this new knowledge and doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to cope with the past abuse. Then he says one last goodbye to Charlie, lies about where he is going, and commits suicide.

    It’d be a dramatic ending and make sense. This would be a gigantic trigger for a lot of people, though. So possibly unlikely.

    • SolitareLee

      I don’t think even Tab could survive the amount of internet strangling that would receive him. xD

    • Sandra-Leigh

      The current wallpaper being offered is “Moving Out”. I don’t think Tab would have chosen that if Jamie moving out was a short prelude to suicide.

      The one place “away” (that is, that would involve leaving Charlie) that is plausible is if Jamie’s father now lives in another city and Jamie goes to live with him.

      I could also see, though, the possibility that leaving could be to something mid-term such as to a “retreat” or farm that the counselors know of, where there would be facilities to help him get over his rapes *and* his mother, and thus also help Jamie be better ready to deal with Charlie. Jamie -wants- to get over his past, and an out-of-town facility might happen to be the best way.

      • Mercury

        Just to be clear here: “Moving Out” is a side story about Tom and Alex.

        • Jeathro

          I feel like a total derp right now but how do you see that side story? I feel I’ve missed something here.

    • Mercury

      I highly doubt it will end with a suicide. I think it’s more like a temporary geographical separation from Charlie, I don’t think he’s really breaking up with her. Perhaps military, or counselling camp, or moving in with relatives. Probably not his father, b/c he’s a homophobe.

  19. Anonymous

    i know this makes me the butt for thinking this, but has anyone ever thought that moving away and keeping them from being seperated was jamie’s mother’s way of trying to keep him safe?

    • Ragmatical

      It was her way from stopping it from happening, but it wasn’t the right way to do it.

    • thecatlady

      I would agree with you if she hadn’t admitted that her primary motivation was to hide her failure to protect him so he couldn’t be taken away from her.

      She didn’t take Jamie to a doctor to make sure he was physically alright. She didn’t take Jamie to a counsellor to make sure he was emotionally alright. She didn’t make him safe. All she did was take Jamie away and keep him with her so she wouldn’t be alone.

  20. Aileen

    My money,as it has been for around two months or so now, is on a fight with his mum that goes horribly wrong in a way that means that Jamie going away from Charlie at the beginning there is him being driven to jail.

    I still really fucking hope not…

  21. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa


    1) I stand by my statement–there are umpteen reasons he could be hugging Charlie at the same time that he’s telling his mom to go to hell.

    2) I’ve considered it, but I like the story. And let’s be honest–trolling a group whose members aspire to victimhood and spend their spare time inventing new pronouns is kind of shooting fish in a barrel.

    • SolitareLee

      Aaaand you’re definitely trolling! Almost had me there.

  22. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa

    Nah. I’m just a complete asshole who takes cheap shots wherever he finds them. I troll the gun nuts and the white power skinheads, too. But what I said about Jamie’s mom stands.

    I will say this: as a straight guy who doesn’t have much room in his life for identity politics, I’ve read every page, and I’ll be sad when it’s done. It is a hella powerful narrative.

    People are complicated, remember?

  23. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa

    (And FWIW, I’m a brony, too.)

    • BronyGirl94

      True Bronies can’t troll because they love and tolerate… But you get some points back for admitting that you’re an asshole! Also, I totally get what you’re saying about Jamie leaving his mom rather than Charlie, even if I’m not sure you’re correct.

  24. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa

    All my bronies in the house, what WHAT!

    There is no way in the world that Tab is going to off Jamie. He doesn’t do shoot-the-dog endings. And he seems to value his readership, whose numbers would drop like a lead balloon if he did do that. No one wants to trust a leader who’d do that.

  25. IamMe

    Off topic, but how many pages do we have left??

  26. Ditto

    Wow, I was really hoping she moved them all and kept quiet so he wouldn’t have to be questioned about it, or face him in court, or have his name permanently attached to what was done to him – some kind of ‘protecting Jamie’ motivation. I mean, yeah, I hate her too, but I thought she did mean well deep down and all of this was just her fucked-up, mentally ill way of trying to ‘help’ him.

    But it’s really all about what people would say about her if they found out. Wow. Narcissistic personality disorder to the max.

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