Jamies Story Page 91

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  1. Red Dazes
    Red Dazes

    Oh man, OUCH… right in the Feels…. *sob*

  2. DarkoNeko

    Charlie looks particulary pretty in the last panel

  3. Serin

    No! Don’t have them break up! They are perfect for each other!

  4. arjay2813

    this hits you as hard in the feels as katawa shoujo

  5. Micha

    In all fairness. . .

    I don’t care, this still sucks.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m curious how some people didn’t see this coming when the beginning of the chapter started with him about to break up with his girlfriend. Lol. But yes, very nice work, good way to end it.

    • Hekate Lesedi

      They understand. They do not comprehend.

      For reals, though, I think a lot of it is that they’re hoping Jamie meant something different when he said “leave”. I did, too. But I knew it probably meant this.

  7. Kiapdx

    If they break up, if Charlie let’s them break up, I foresee them getting back together. But somehow I don’t think Charlie will let Jamie set himself adrift.

  8. Anonymous

    but whyyy

  9. ML

    Am I the only one who thinks Jamie is doing the right thing? He can barely touch her without having a panic attack. He needs to get himself into better working order before being with another person.

    • Ottter

      But they just slept in the same bed… Cuddling… In their underwear. :\ I’d say that qualifies as touching. Anyways, not every relationship needs sex to be successful.

      • kittenz

        I don’t think that’s the issue here, it’s not about sex. Jamie is still really emotionally unavailable and right now Charlie is having to caretake for him and put his needs infront of hers. It sucks, but Jamie needs to work on his own spiritual and emotional health before he can be with someone else.

        • shima

          agree with u there. jamie is kind of emotionally unstable due to the rape thing, and it’s been haunting him since ages ago, enough to make him turn his back towards every friend he has, until he met charlie. but if he stays with charlie, it’ll only hurt charlie later on, and charlie might even hate herself because she thinks she’s not enough for jamie cause she’s not a real woman. jamie did the right thing.

          • deeterz

            I agree.
            Jamie needs to deal with Jamie’s problems first, just as Charlie needs to deal with her own problems first. Until they are both relatively stable within themselves, they will have trouble helping each-other.
            Conversely, though, I don’t mean that they should both just give up and live in the mountains until they feel better. If these were people that I knew in real life, and if they came to me for advice, I would suggest that they put their relationship on hold and both seek some sort of therapy… Jamie for his fear of harming those he loves, and Charlie for her insecurities stemming from the social stigma associated with being transgender.

    • Stig Hemmer
      Stig Hemmer

      Jamie is not ready for a relationship. But will he ever be ready if he backs out now? Or will he keep backing away from every relationship until he dies an old lonely man?

      Sometimes you need to take the plunge. I think this is one of those times.

  10. Kirsten

    *WIBBLE* Man, it’s like a punch to the gut.

    The last few pages have been so emotional.

    Tab, you are a fantastic storyteller.

  11. Ottter

    Ugh, conflicting emotions are a go!

    Anyways, I’d really like to know what Jamie’s reason for breaking up is. From here I don’t really see a reason why he’d want to, let alone “need” to. Charlie has been the most supportive person in his life, and he’s letting that go? That doesn’t make much sense.

    Also, what about what Charlie wants? Is Jamie even taking that into consideration? Look at Charlie’s face! She’s obviously shocked and devastated! Jamie is a rare individual that loves her just as she is. She doesn’t want to break up, and if she doesn’t fight for the relationship, I’d be very surprised.

  12. Anonymous

    There’s something about the whole “this is a difficult time in my life, here let me alienate and push away my support group,” thing that I have never understood. I guess I just don’t see the point in them breaking up, sorry.

    • Mercury

      Agreed 100%

  13. phazonoverload

    With so few pages left to go, I can’t see this having a happy ending. Well, that realisation hit me right in the feels.

  14. Lynx212

    Oh wow… damn

  15. headbuttoflove
    • Ry


      *coughs* Yes, well… they certainly seem to be doing well together. Kudos to them for finding each other in this impossibly huge world.

    • Mercury

      Oh my God this article was SO SWEET!! *squee* ^_^ I am super happy for these two teens. They pass so well, the pics of their younger selves look more like their siblings, not themselves. What a great story to show others who are struggling that there is hope and a happy ending waiting for them. XD

  16. IamMe


  17. IamMe

    *Sob sob*

  18. Kate

    Actually, breaking up with someone in a calm, safe environment can be one of the most loving things you can do for them- ESPECIALLY if it’s for the right reasons. To me, this shows a lot of maturity on Jamie’s part.

  19. Houtski

    I feel for Charlie, this is so horrible. I hope she’ll be ok. =(

  20. Yelnik McWawa
    Yelnik McWawa

    I suspect a large part of Jamie’s decision is that he’s weirded out by Charlie’s peen.

    • Mercury

      NO. JUST NO.

  21. Tab but not THAT Tab
    Tab but not THAT Tab

    No amount of knowing softens the blow. ;-; owwie my heart

  22. guest


  23. Jack

    It was “fifteen pages to go” at Page 81, so… five pages left. Can’t take it.

  24. ditto

    What does “apply for homelessness” mean in Britian? I’m completely unfamiliar with this concept.

  25. Dusty Halls
    Dusty Halls

    No, Tab. I didn’t see it coming. I’ve just come back from the last page, and I’m still reeling.

  26. Robin

    WHAT. No, I didn’t see this coming!! Noo!!

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