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  1. Rei

    Damnit Tab, this page is making me cry so much inside. Things will get better slowly with Jamie, it’s still very soon. I hope that they will end up together one day, because if they are meant to be, then it will happen.
    Love doesn’t magically make everything better, it’s stupid to think that it does. Usually people who think that way end up hurting the person they are with. Jamie is very mature to have realized this on his own.
    Charlie is so very beautiful on this page. Though she almost always is.

  2. altalemur

    i continue to be glad at how well you are writing this story, especially with the comments giving more context.

  3. KingCarrotCake

    Tab, I’ve been reading Khaos for a very long time. Years, I’d say, at least since the Amber and Nay days, yet this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment. This page is grabbing at my heart in a way that I did not expect. Thank you for doing this for us. You and your works are an important part of my life and I’m sad that it has to end soon. I only hope that Jamie can feel the catharsis that I feel when I read Khaos.

  4. Neko

    Oh dear, oh dear. I had a feeling this is what it would lead up to, sort of. I dunno, but this just feels really… real. Jamie’s words, Charlie’s words, their reactions… Everything.

    And like Rei said, Jamie’s very mature to realise that this is what he needs to do. And you’re amazing for telling a story that teaches you that the only thing that can make you better is yourself. Because stories are what people use as references when they face problems in their real lives. We all do, subconsciously or not. And this might teach people the right thing.

    I’ve always been told, since I was very young, that if you cannot love yourself then you cannot love others. Not fully, at least. And I’ve seen this, over and over, and it’s proved itself to be true. Their relationship would probably end in bitter tears, had Jamie not done this…
    And if Charlie is willing to wait for him… If she can help herself, as well… Then I think they’ll have a healthy relationship; healthier than many relationships I’ve seen in my life. And I really do hope they’ll find each other again. Because they both deserve the love they can provide for each other. They both deserve so much happiness. Both the happiness of loving themselves, and also the happiness of being loved and loving another.

  5. Cess

    This is just so encouraging to see, we’re all so wrapped up in this idea of the magic kiss which will wake us up and save us from ourselves, but self improvement is work, healing is allot of work. I’ve spent the last five years recovering from the trauma and psychosis that followed being raped and while having a supportive partner is great it doesn’t *fix* things, it can make you more aware of where you’re struggling, but choosing to address all the fear and anger is very personal very difficult work. Having said that, I want Charlie and Jamie to ride of into the sunset together on a luminescent unicorn that pisses strawberry milk.

  6. Trivium

    I like this moral. I was getting kind of tired of that “love redeems all” theme myself. This brings a whole new level of pathos to the story (not that Khaos Komix was lacking pathos to begin with).

  7. Mercury

    It has already been said but I wanted to add: Great job on Jamie’s hands on the last panel.

  8. Been There
    Been There

    Jamie is doing what is right for Jamie, which makes it right for Charlie. The healing process he is embarking on is one of the toughest there is, and being in an intimate relationship while doing it can cause a lot of collateral damage when innocent things she does trigger explosions of pain or rage. Therapy helps deal with those things in a controlled environment, very carefully managing triggers, and working through the layers of explosive excrement one small shovel at a time.
    If Charlie was very well balanced, fully healed from her own trauma, and mature enough in her relationship IQ to be able to handle this most difficult of partner challenges, then maybe facing it together while in an intimate relationship would work.
    As it is, each healing on his/her own, while supporting and cheering as friends not lovers, is much more likely to lead to them happy together one day.

  9. LongshotLink

    I’m really glad he used the word ‘break.’ It means he doesn’t want them to be over forever, but at the moment they shouldn’t be together. There’s too much holding him back from being able to fully commit the way he’d like.

  10. Vanyashke

    Noooooooo! I just found this, read through Everything, (It’s wonderful, by the way, especially for someone who found themself going from a tiny Christian home to a dorm full of “freaks” and realizing that they fit in there.), got addicted, and it ends here?!
    When does this thing update? Thursday? Darn. I know what I’ll be doing on Wednesday at midnight.
    Thank you for this, Mr. Tab. I know it’s odd to just randomly post something, but if you ever read the comments I’d like to add how amazing this work is.

    • Tab

      I Livestream me drawing the page at 8pm on Thursday, Wednesday morning will give you nothing.

      • LeDayz

        Quick question, 8pm what time zone? I’ve randomly stumbled across you livestreaming a few times during the day but I’m in US Central (GMT -6)

        • Mal

          GMT, what with Tab being all British. So with my powers of maths, I make that 2pm for you.

          • LeDayz

            Ah, thank you kindly. Wasn’t sure if he was a Brit actually IN Britain or out and about :-)

  11. Passant

    i just wanted to say don’t discount the love cures idea. i did have severe anxiety induced depression with suicidal tendencies until i met my bf. and it wasn’t sex that made me better, it was the love that he showed for me. it made me believe that i was good enough. so sometimes, love can cure. don’t assume.

    • Mallymkun

      I agree. Especially if he attended therapy as well as maintaining a healthy, supportive relationship. Young people seem to assume that all romantic relationships are sexual. You CAN date someone without having sex often, or at all, and have great, loving relationships.
      Since his only apparent problem with Charlie is the sexual component, if they’d agree to abstain from that entirely, it would be fine until he conquers his issues.

    • Malady

      Also suffer from severe anxiety induced depression, led to one serious suicide attempt. Love didn’t help at all for me; but medication and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy did. Though I must say had I felt loved I may have sought help before the attempt.

  12. Psyche

    +1 to the “never felt the need to comment before, but…” crowd.

    Thank you for this, Tab. This is such an honest way to address trauma and mental illness in storytelling. There is no magical banging together of genitals, as it was said, that makes these things go away.

  13. Dralzz

    Thank you for this comic, but more specifically, this post. My girlfriend struggles with depression, and I’ve been trying to help her with… less than total success. I’ve started to realize that my place is to be there for her, not to make her better myself. You’ve helped me put words to this.

  14. Anonymous

    you’re so right. and so’s he… support and advice can help but (in the end) we have to fix ourselves.

  15. Dotcom

    It is not *Twu wuv* that helps people. It is respect and support. This can come from more people than just SOs, too. Friends, inlaws, sane family members, etc… Cutting yourself off from people to get healthier makes as much sense as expecting love to cure you. Now, if Jamie was doing it because he felt they *both* needed to work on themselves (and truthfully they do) that makes more sense.

  16. kitty-cat


  17. Mallymkun

    Is breaking up the only plot device you have? I get that you’re trying to go against the magic hug therapy, but he could be willing to take things slow and work through them instead of you just doing the same old “I have problems so we can’t be together.”

    • Hannah

      That’s what they’ve been doing for much of their relationship so far, and this comic. It’s ridiculous to say that this is just a generic ending or “the only plot device” that Tab has. Jamie hit a wall, and he’s doing what he thinks is best for him at this point, and probably for Charlie. They did try, it can’t work, at least not at this point in their lives, so it’s sensible for them to take some time to work on their own issues and personal lives before they try to deal with each others at the same time.

      I’m probably one of the most hopeful people when it comes to them staying together, but despite my wishes for a happy ending as a couple, I truly think the best way to end this comic given both of their issues at the moment is for this to happen. AND Jamie isn’t, or hasn’t yet said that he wants to break up permanently, the use of the word “break” while he was describing his plan rather than something more definitive is open ended to me. :]

  18. Lisa

    A story belongs to the author who can tell it how they please, but breaking up Jamie/Charlie ruins this entire series for me. So disappointed, but my bad for hoping for a happy ending, I guess. Truly bummed so moving on.

  19. T'laryth Phalyn
    T'laryth Phalyn

    I’m a long time reader and, like others, felt I just had to finally comment. I absolutely love Khaos – it’s one of my favorites and for so many reasons. You’re so very right; love is not a cure all. It can make things better but it can hide things too. Relationships are like pieces of music. We are each an instrument and the right pairings can be beautiful. However it wont matter if the instruments are out of tune. If Jamie can get himself on an even keel then he and Charlie will stand a better chance of happiness in the future.

  20. Aisu

    Having had exactly this conversation with someone I really loved but couldn’t be with because I wasn’t stable enough to have a real relationship – thank you. Thank you so goddamn much for letting me know I’m not alone. Sometimes it feels like I am.

    First time reader almost done with the archives, for what it’s worth.

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