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  1. Sunset

    There’s something, from the perspective of both a writer and a reader, that is utterly beautiful about seeing a story wrap up like this. I can only imagine the exhilaration and twinge of sadness you would’ve felt as you scripted this.

    It’s really great that you could finish Jamie’s story on a good note. I’m happy for them like I would be for my own friends (although I suppose we’ve all been reading long enough to feel that way!)

  2. Ozelote

    I have been reading this since about page 10 of Steve’s story, and fell in love with it from the start. It’s been a bumpy ride, both for the characters and me ( and probably you) but what has always amazed me is the amount of love and respect for those people you have written in to these stories. I am so happy that you went through with it to the end, because this is great stories that needs to be told. If you ever do a con in Sweden I’ll try to be there and say hi. / Ozelote (sorry about the website being in swedish and about knitting.)

  3. Nia

    Holy mother! I have been reading this since you started this and just..I just bawled like a baby.

  4. Ash

    I have also been with you since about Amber’s story, and your characters just take a hold of you and refuse to let go.
    One of the most touching and inspirational [multitude of] stories I have read.. please leave this site up and the comics up because I will be back to re read this again, and again.
    Amazing, just wow. I feel like I just cant stop gushing!!
    I am so excited to see what I will be following of yours next

  5. Timelady

    ALL of the love. Totally awesome, and it’s been a great ride!

  6. Moo

    I’ve been reading this since the start of Jamie’s story, and needless to say I loved all of this. Just… There’s no words to do this justice. Jamie has been through a hell of a lot, and seeing him smile here…
    I really hope he and Charlie can now have a happy ending, after all they went through.

  7. Cecilia Tan

    And holy wow. The end. Incredible. I feel like I should say more, but right now I’m just soaking in it. Thank you for an incredible ride and for being my favorite webcomic for the past two? three? years. (Long enough I’ve lost track…!)

  8. uncompatable

    it’s over…… oh my gosh IT IS OVER? i can’t believe it.. i have been reading since the first chapter…. i just want the story to continue forever! love love love it!!!! hopefully there will be more adventures like this in the future? please please please? beautifully drawn and written, so captivating.. Thank you ♥

  9. Anonymous

    I actually cried. The way this ended made me feel hope for them both. The feelings Jamie’s story made me feel were things I hadn’t felt in years and the way he felt mirrored how I have felt over the years. I am so sad to see it end, but extremely hopeful for more.

    I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for this being written. Thank you so much.

  10. Ashe

    Ah dang, I got a little teary eyed there. I can’t remember when I first started reading (I think it was around Steve or Mark’s story?) but it’s been years and I’ve been hooked since. Love the story you’ve created and thank you for sharing it. Sincerely, thank you.

  11. Heather

    I want so badly to say no.. this can’t be over. But the thing is, you wrapped this up in such a way that even I have to admit that the loss isn;t too painful. Or maybe it’s more painful. Either way.. it’s been fun Tab

  12. J

    Wow… this was AMAZING. I discovered this yesterday (in the links section of Sam Orchard’s comic/blog), and practically haven’t been able to stop reading it.
    This is by far the best story I’ve read (John Green excluded – I’m sorry). I just love the plot, the characters, the way you tell it, the art, the issues discussed – all of it is just… amazing. I can’t get enough of it, but the way you ended it left me really satisfied, unlike a lot of other closed comics where the ending just leaves you confused and expecting more.
    I look forward to your future works!

  13. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading this from the beginning, and didn’t have internet for a bit, and just caught up to the end. I feel like a hole was created, then filled because of this whole story. You are an amazing creator.

  14. peace.light.love.happiness.

    I have devoured this entire comic, from the first page of Steve’s story over the past 24 hours. As a reader, a writer, and someone who is finally learning that so much exists beyond the simplified categories of gay/straight (for myself and for others), this has been an amazing adventure. The intricate details are incredible, as well as the character development and the artwork. Thank you for this experience, and I’m excited to read whatever else you have (:

  15. Mr. Morningstar
    Mr. Morningstar

    I never really wrote this when you finished the story but.
    Thank you for this comic.

    This comic actually helped me come to terms with my own sexuality. It also helped me come out to my family and friends.

    I’m grateful for all you’ve done, thanks Tab! Thanks for the wonderful webcomic! :)

  16. kXz.Echo

    I just wanted to let you know Tab that it has been years since I’ve read your comics. Years. This is when the beginning of Charlie’s story began.

    For a long time I had forgotten this story, but out of the blue I remembered this with such detail that I felt compelled to look as long as I need to find this site. I am so glad I did this. This story really touched my heart.

    I think it’s perfect timing seeing that one of my best friends, someone I’d known since around 8th grade (I’m a senior this year) had recently come out as transgender. It took awhile getting used to, but I’ve adjusted and truly consider him as a guy now. Tom and Charlie’s story hit home with me, and I sent him the URL to share this amazing story.

    I hope you’re able to keep this story available for people for years to come. Thank you so much for this webcomic.

  17. JET73L

    *sigh of happy relief* I was hoping it would be a shorter time skip (it looks like four or five years passed), but it’s the best realistic situation, and the one I’d hoped for for the last couple or few pages.

  18. madsniper

    Well, that was incredible. I actually stopped reading this comic a while back because I was TOO invested and needed some space if I was going to be able to handle Jamie’s story. It was just as intense and heart rending as I expected it to be. I think party due to the realism, and how there was no snappy solution at the end. That really got to me. I’m kinda wrecked, to be honest, maybe because it all seems kinda hopeless, but maybe that’s just me projecting. Well done getting so deep into the heart of this matter and never shying away. This type of story needs to be told, without pussyfooting around like a lot of mainstream media would. There are people who have survived this kind of life who need to see characters in fiction dealing with the same, and it’s so rarely done at all, let alone well.

    Anyway, for anyone happening to read this comment, another terrific character introspection into a survivor of abuse, go read Perks of Being a Wallflower. No, don’t watch the movie, it misses everything of import. :)

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