Nay’s Story Page 20

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  1. Sarah

    Hey, I wear blue! *is a teeney bit miffed at Nay’s random fashion discrimination*

    • Matt

      I highly doubt Nay knows Mark has a small penis. She’s just havinmg a rant, hun.

  2. Kib

    stupid.. neck.
    lmfao nay, thumbs up for this one xD

  3. HLF

    Strike what I said yesterday. This is most definitely my favorite page.

  4. Nexus

    Lovely. Nay’s description of mark is beautifully illustrated and hilarious. This is one of my favorite panels.

  5. Mike

    He doesn’t know what anime is?!?! Mark, I no longer find you cute. Stupid neck.

  6. Rich


  7. Leviadragon

    Starting from the top and working down:
    1) Everyone smells of something.
    2) He grew his hair out to emulate the comedian Mitch Hedberg, and then died it black to mark his tragically early death.
    3) Smiles like a goon… well… who doesn’t love Spike Milligan?
    4) Flakes are delicious.
    5) He may have a stupid neck, but so do Impalas… and who wouldn’t want to go out with them… mmm… hooves.
    6) Anime is way too mainstream for him… he’s into Greco-Danish performance dance and South African post-crunk-metatarsal-grunge-hip-funk… like all the cool kids.
    7) He wears blue because he supports Everton.
    8) So does Amber. They can while away the hours chatting about defensive rock Phil Jagielka and re-watching the 1985 European cup final.
    9) Sorry to break it to you… but actually you’re the one who is loose… Kelly was lying when she said that every girl echoed.

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