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  1. Nexus

    Wow. Seems this page was too much for anyone to comment on.

    • Geo

      except for you

    • CC

      Yeah I have no idea what to say about it

  2. QueenColonDarkwing

    My mom read my diary and found out I liked girls…she told me right after and said she was upset I faced it alone…she also swore not to tell my dad. I was mad anyway though.
    Why am I saying this? I dunno. I relate to people reading my diary and outing me just like Amber I guess…

    • Habbap

      Pretty much the same exact thing here.. except mine was about being trans. Thankfully it was my best friend at the time though rather than my parents… even if they later turned out to be nothing but supportive later I would have been mortified at the time. :P

      Happens a lot more often than one would care to think hun.

  3. Robin

    I think it’s terrible to read someone else’s diary. Of course Nay and Charlie are just human, but if I were Amber I’d feel terrible. It happened to me.

    • LadySonic

      Yep; that crossed a line for me. I have a few old diaries stashed away and I’d be horrrified at the idea of anyone snooping through them. And when the content is as personal as Amber’s… urgh.

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