Nay’s Story Page 45

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  1. Tim

    Amber is scary when she’s desparate.

  2. Miranda

    I feel so sorry for Charlie in this one =(

    • Nexus

      As do I, she only tried to protect Nay and tell Amber what she thinks is right, and now Amber lashed out on her for it. I suppose what Charlie did was wrong, but it’s still disheartening. It would feel terrible to be Nay too, because she would have the guilt of letting Charlie carry her burdens and live with the risk of being outed by Amber.

  3. Matt

    Damn I really liked Amber up until this point. What a bitchy thing to do!

  4. stanza

    No, what Charlie persuaded Nay to do was BAD. You don’t read other peoples diaries.

    • Ezra

      They’re both pretty heinous breaches of trust. This is friendship-ending–grade stuff they’re doing here.

  5. Doktor Nauk
    Doktor Nauk

    She probably regreted it as soon as she left the room.

  6. arjay2813

    this is the coldest page so far. not the worst (that would be the jaimi stuff going on at the beginning of his story) but meanest. at least with charlie and tom’s beating, it wasnt they’re friends doing it to them

  7. Taix

    Kind of, not like Amber now,what she said to her…

  8. LiaHansen

    wtf amber

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