Nay’s Story Page 53

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  1. The E-man
    The E-man

    I am so jealous of Amber in this moment. I wish I had a (male) Nay in my life.

  2. lucy

    this part always kinda creeped my out. other than the word bubbles and the last panel, it looks eerily like rape.

  3. lucy

    this part creeps me out. if it weren’t for the last panel, it would look a lot like rape. it still does. and kissing unwilling/sleeping people isn’t cool.

  4. lucy

    this scene is still way too rapey. :/

  5. Nexus

    I agree with the people that say this page was too “rapey”. It doesn’t matter if Amber really wanted Nay, if someone says no, and ESPECIALLY if they resist, then you just don’t do it. Period.

  6. Jo

    Just here to agree emphatically with everyone else!

  7. Anonymous

    yeah, rapey page is kinda weird…

  8. Chekchie

    I don’t understand how it could be “TOO rapey” oO Nay perfectly knows that Amber wants her and with her heart filled of love for her, she just can’t stand how Amber deny everything (the kiss, the sleepingbag, etc.) anymore. It’s not like she continued kissing her after she said no, she just wanted to hug her. It was more like “shut up and listen now!” kind of hug, as if she just got away, Amber might say something Nay wouldn’t want to hear.

    • Trisha

      Picture this. a boy and a girl version of this entire chapter (Nay as the boy)
      Perfectly fine, right? until this part. Imagine a boy looking over his crush’s sleeping form and kissing her. She wakes up, shoves him off her, and tells him no, loudly and clearly resisting him. He grabs her wrists and tells her not to fight him. Sound a little off? Sound a LOT off? That’s because it is. Sleeping people are not conscious and thus, incapable of giving consent, whether they “really want it” or not. And if a girl says no, and struggles, you do NOT continue. This scene is glorified, romanticized, rape.

      • babbler


        “This scene is glorified, romanticized, rape.” except no rape actually occurs and how exactly is this scene romantic? Nay is being physical and creepy and moving into dangerous territory.

  9. jeathro

    Am i the only one who didn’t find this scene rapey? I mean, if nay had kept going with the kissing then yes. Rapey. But she didn’t, she just wanted amber to listen to her.

    • Anonymous

      Panel three is the one that is a little off putting for me…

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