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  1. Tiffany


  2. FoxCat

    Aren’t they they greatest… -.-

  3. WHORE!!


  4. No One Special
    No One Special

    Oh god, she`s just like my parents.

  5. CharlottenotCharlie

    Reminds me of my dad. Except slightly better. :/

  6. Tobyk

    Well hey,at least she’s not all like, “You can’t be gay! I won’t allow it!”

  7. Seph

    You can almost hear Ambermum pronounce the inverted commas around ‘out’.

  8. rainbowmeister

    I understand Amber’s mum. She is overreacting getting mad about it yes but this is what my mum is afraid of. She’s not afraid of me getting hurt by the other girl for being out, she’s afraid of what other people would do to us. She wants me to be proud and confident but she’s terrified of what some people do to other gay people. Like jumping them while they are just walking down the street with their SO holding hands. There is nasty people in the world.

    (Then again I haven’t read the next page so my comment could be completely irrelevant.)

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