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  1. WHORE!!


  2. Flitterella

    Woah, does Amber’s mom have a little intimate knowledge on this subject or what? :|

  3. Garen

    Clearly, Tom needs to teach them all martial arts. Problem solved.

    • Anonymous

      That worked so well for him

      • Adrianthefagboy

        His attackers fought dirty, it doesn’t count. If he could’ve he would’ve knocked them out like nobodies business.

        • Kit

          Just going to say. Of /course/ his attackers fought dirty. Do you really think they’re going to care about fair play? =/ You can’t say ‘It doesn’t count because they fought dirty’, because in the end of the day, what ‘counts’ is the incredibly dangerous situation that they were unable to escape from even with martial arts.

          Martial arts is a useful thing to know, but it absolutely will not fix your bully problems. It’s just more likely to help you from a one-off, unplanned attack. When you can’t escape from your attackers for good after the event, you need a different approach.

          I’m not saying anything supporting Amber’s Mum’s comment. I just don’t like it when people throw round ‘martial arts’ as a catch-all solution to violent bullies, because it’s really, really not.

  4. SolitareLee

    I remember THIS fight with my mom.
    “Gay people are KILLED.”
    “Straight people are killed too. :I Should I live in misery so you can be a little less paranoid about the universe?”

  5. Anonymous

    Realistically? This is a valid concern, I think especially since they are teenagers. I could definitely see some dumbass their age thinking that they were lesbians because they’d never been with a guy or whatever. Since they’re young and in the pressure sealed environment that is college/high school, it’d be harder for them to escape from that kind situation. If Charlie were an adult when she came out she would’ve had a better chance of avoiding those people assuming they weren’t her coworkers or something. School kinda sucks like that.

    • Chekchie

      Yup I agree with that. It IS a very valid argument. It’s not like she’s saying this “because she’s lesbian and lesbians are horrible”. It’s because it’s a real fact. Situations like that happens because of lot of characteristics a person can have and not only because he/she is homosexual.

  6. Habbap

    I might be alone here but I do kind of like her mom. She’s not really being bigoted, she’s just being a mother, and I highly doubt that her words in the last panel are intentionally directed at Nay, they’re probably being said in a more general sense. She obviously loves her little girl and wants only the best for her, and she just wants Amber to be sure of what she’s doing considering the risks involved with being open, especially in parts of Europe… not to mention school.

    I do feel a little bad for Nay… but she could do worse as far as pseudo mother in law’s go. :P

    • Chekchie

      Nope, I totally love her mother. Even if she has to look like the bad one in thsi story, I think she’s probably one of the best mother of this comic. She’s being a mother, even if she has to be harsh. She doesn’t know Nay personally (at least a lot) and don’t know what Nay,s feelings really are either, so she just makes it very clear that’s it’s not funny, that she really do care about Amber and that Nay will get consequences if something happens.

    • llamasrule

      My vote for best mother probably has to be Tom’s

  7. John

    I can totally relate to that argument. I needed stiches in my head at one of my schools (that funnily enough I soon left) because of exactly this.

    And martial arts are really NOT the answer. If the bullies are beaten once (with martial arts) you can bet they’ll be back, and fighting dirty, BECAUSE you beat them once with martial arts; not only is your existance an insult, but you’ve also hurt their ‘pride’ or ‘rep’ or whatever.

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