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  1. headbuttoflove

    Charlie wins at life.

  2. Sandi

    She so does.

  3. Sarah

    Indeed :) .
    And d’aww at the end of this story.

  4. kiba

    waaaa i read 4 story in a raun i want more i love this story, tank you for doing somtin thas is like my oun life Xp

  5. Quill McGee

    wait… is everyone the chessmaster here?

  6. Anonymous

    All the shirtlessness xD

  7. KitKat

    Okay, so I’m going back and rereading parts of this, and I just had a really funny stupid moment. I was looking at this picture, and thinking “Why isn’t anyone watching them? You’d think that some of them would be a little ‘interested’ by that” and then I remembered that everyone else in that room liked guys, and I felt stupid.

    • Hannah

      Well not exactly, Charlie’s bisexual but I think she’s probably more satisfied with the whole winning at life thing at the moment. :P

      • Timothy (TRiG)

        I think both Mark and Steve have shown some bi traits too.

        Steve labelled himself as bi, but he did say he was doing so because it “sounded less gay”, which suggests he might not actually be bi. On the other hand, he took a while to realise that he was attracted to boys, which makes it a bit more likely that he’s not entirely gay. So Steve, in canon, actually has an undeclared sexuality.

        Mark had a crush on Alex Murphy quite early, and then later one on Steve. He’s gay. On the other hand, when he was dating Amber he did show some signs of being physically attracted to her, so he’s probably not a Kinsey 6.


        • Anonymous

          My best guess would probably be kinsey 5

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