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  1. Spinmuffins

    *Mini glomp*

  2. Shalydra


    It’s about time!

    • MaggieRandom

      LOL!! my EXACT reaction

  3. Miter

    I don’t think a character’s eyes have ever looked as good as they look on charlie in panel 4 :)

    • AK

      That’s true, Charlie’s eyes are so sparkling! Cute page! Now I’m starting to believe this is really happening(:

  4. ML


  5. Sei

    aw yiss.

  6. Sunshine

    Khaos Kiddies, this is a happening thing. Let us pull a wave of excellence to celebrate.

  7. Jasper's not-so-smartphone
    Jasper's not-so-smartphone

    That’s so adorable =D

  8. Carryl

    Okay, I don’t mean to be thick, but how do you get back to side-story page 1? I am late to the party.

  9. Burning Desire
    Burning Desire

    Charlie looks so beautiful on this page ^^

  10. Sarah

    Yaaaay!! *dances in happiness*
    Also, wow, a side story that contributes to the plot! Well, not exactly; it’s more like an epilogue, unless you, Tab, have an epilogue planned, lol.

  11. Ascher

    My response:

    Was waiting for that to happen ;D

  12. Randa

    YAYYY!! I’m so grateful that all this wonderfulness is happening during my finals week so That I can be all joyful! :D

  13. Avalon

    Oh my goodieness! This is why I wake up in the morning. Adorable, fluffy, amazing stuff like this. I’m so excited. And Jamie is adorable in this page. sdfghjkl just ignore me. I feel I am rambling.

  14. Amaril


  15. Randomness

    Is that a classic move or what? You go girl!

  16. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I second this. Veryyyyy much.

  17. Emily Henninger
    Emily Henninger

    :D LOVE IT! :D

  18. DoktorNauk

    Is it just me or does Jamie look younger some how with shorter hair? Maybe it’s how nervous he looks.

  19. C. T. Obvious
    C. T. Obvious

    That’s right, shut him up with a kiss already!

    I hate to repeat myself, but both look more adorable with every new page…

  20. Hannah


    No porn now pls.. that kiss needs to last forever! ;_;

  21. Anonymous

    OH JAMIE YOU ARE STILL ADORABLE. I thought you were gonna be all serious and grown up with your new haircut and suchandsuch but nooooo, you’re still such an adorapuppyyyyy~

  22. Anonymous

    Uh, that’s a great poster, it’s so cool you even didn’t draw it.

    • Tab

      Copyright laws make using actual bands very tricky and I’m not creative enough to pick my own.

      • Hannah

        Kreatures of Khaos :3

      • Anonymous

        You could have done something mildly bizarre and had the first panel be nothing but this weird over-the-top metal Boris Vallejo-style fantasy image. Then, the next panel is a zoom-out that reveals that it’s Charlie and Jamie talking about a poster and not a sudden change of genres into epic metal fantasy. Then again, that would have made the page too crowded.

        I like how you did the shapes of the panels, it looks nice and fits what’s happening on the page.

  23. Alison

    awwww baaaaaabies <3<3<3

  24. Emma

    I’m trying to do my work in biomed but I can’t stop giggling. <3 SOOO HAPPY!!!

  25. Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    Totally didn’t just glomp my laptop… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :D :D

  26. Freima

    So we now know that Charlie’s at least in her second year at uni. She spent the first year in Halls, and now lives in a shared house. She has a room larger than the average Hall room, which is why she’d forgotten how small Hall rooms and beds could be.
    So. She’s 19 or 20. What I want to know is, has she had her surgery yet? She appears to be taking hormones – unless she’s wearing a padded bra – so can we assume that she’s under the care of a GRS clinic?

    I’m glad it seems to be working out for them, and that Charlie and Tom are friends again. Please don’t let the next page be Jamie pulling away…

    • Silas

      I did assume she was taking hormones, though maybe it’s a bit of a quick thing to jump to — as it’s important to remember not all trans* people take hormones and not all trans* people get any type of surgery. i don’t remember if charlie has expressed any desire or lack of desire in regards to bottom surgery.

      also this isn’t a reply to you but i’m just putting this out there: while this is cute and all, i was mostly worried jamie would freak out about something like this kiss being so sudden. he doesn’t seem to have expected it and while he does clearly WANT to have a relationship with charlie still, i’m not sure if springing a kiss on him is the best move, considering his history. might be depriving too much control.

      i’m going to hope for the best and just imagine he isn’t triggered by this, but i do hope people know it’s not best to spring things like this in real life.

      • Hannah

        Yes, she wants to have the surgery, look back to earlier in her story for her conversation with Tom regarding bottom surgery, and then a little later to her argument with her mom where she expresses that not having a vagina is some of her problem. lol

        I’d agree with you in most cases, but when it comes to these two, Jamie knows that Charlie can be rather forward and he didn’t seem to mind in the past as long as it was just kissing. As for anything beyond that, I doubt Charlie would push it further without his consent given that she’s familiar with his triggers and a bit of his past as well, but we’ll see. Either way, it’s okay to be insanely happy about this kiss because for now, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that this is what they’ve both wanted for a long time. :]

        Now back to my giddy fangirling over a kiss that I’VE wanted to see for weeks. LOL <333333333333

      • Jess

        well I’m figuring Jamie wouldn’t have come back and found charlie unless he thought he could handle a physical relationship with her

      • Jae

        From a much earlier Charlie to a much more fucked in the head Jaime “I just attacked you, did you like it?” – and thus their relationship began.

  27. Matt

    Oh, Tab, you’re such a hopeless romantic. :D Straight out of a Disney romance…

    • do do dodo dodo do do
      do do dodo dodo do do


  28. QueenColonDarkwing


  29. Anonymous

    AAAAH!!! My feels are jumping for joy!!!

  30. Subb

    I think I can just imagine this story finally ending here on this kiss. I’m not really a fan of the side stories, because I’m a bit of a prude I guess, so this is probably where I hop off but I really liked this page and to me it’s a fitting end and a new beginning.

    Good Job Tab, I enjoyed it.

  31. Subaru

    AW! :D

  32. Tama

    I have been waiting for this for so long. SO LONG.

  33. Pi

    Charlie. Charlie, you’re too cute. Charlie, stop it. D:

  34. pizza

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints* Oh my god Charlie looks like a seductive angel in that panel and that kiss was food for my feels!!!!! T^T You have to continue this forever please!!!!!

  35. Chihuahua Zero

    Jamie looks vaguely like Tom in the third panel. Must be the short hair.

  36. Ash

    Ahhhhhh cutest one ever!!! <3

  37. Sibylle

    I still can’t believe that I used to think that Jamie was a jerk… His story is by far my favourite now ! Can’t wait to see what happens.

  38. JP Haukka

    Jamie keeps becoming cuter and cuter. I don’t understand now how did I think of him as an arsehole at the beginning of Khaos.

    • Merrie

      Easy, he behaved like one towards the people we were following.

    • Freima

      Don’t you? Tab portrayed him as a complete arse, and we were led to believe that that’s what he was. It wasn’t until Jamie’s own story started to unfold that we found out why he said what he did and acted the way he did. We were meant to think Jamie was horrible, because at the beginning, that’s what he was.

  39. Frosty

    Charlie looks soooooo beautiful!
    and Jamie, sweetie, grow out your hair again! lol

  40. Zaranthan

    Somebody has to say it: NOW KITH!

  41. PandaPunk

    I am so fecking happy for this sidestory. Jamie’s story has always the one I have been most tied to. The things he felt and the pain showed me that I wasn’t the only one that felt these things and it made me feel better. He looks so different and I hope that means he has managed to find some hope.

    Please keep going with this story because it makes me feel like I could find some hope as well.

  42. Rich

    “…attacked you again”

  43. C. T. Obvious
    C. T. Obvious

    Jamie’s hair is emoting heavily here…

  44. Terra Bell
    Terra Bell

    Jamie doesn’t look like Jamie to me in first couple panels (3, 4, and maybe even 5). I know he got a hair cut and all but somehow he just looks… off? I don’t know.

    Who cares. Squee. Kisses.

  45. Chihuahua Zero

    If there’s an anti-climax (as in, they don’t reach a literal one, or even hit a home run), I won’t be surprised.

  46. gaby

    thank you so much for not leaving us to die over the most intense cliff hanger ever

  47. Anonymous

    What happened to tab?

    • wild_at_art

      That’s what I was wondering. Charlie and Jamie need to come up for air. ;-)

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