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  1. Scottie 2 By 4
    Scottie 2 By 4

    Ew. Stacy. No. You’re such a whore. Look at you. Whore.

    • Leviadragon

      She’s a relationship ruiner. Poison. Absolute poison. Don’t get involved… is my advice.

      • Robin JH

        Oh my god, are you guys talking about Stacy?
        Did you hear she’s a whore?
        I heard she’s a whore.

        Also, I like Mark’s character, how he’s sort of a mix between lighthearted sweetness and toughness. You write good characters.

        • Adam

          Oh my god,Stacy? She was like,obsessed with orgies when we we’re together. I was like, “Stacy,I’m not a whore.Ew.”

          Seriously though,Khaos was hilasious in the beginning.

          • Tom

            If you think Stacy is bad, you should meet her mom.

          • Hannah

            Oh I don’t know… I’ve always thought Stacy’s mom had it going on, but ew, Stacy, just ew.

  2. Warpcorps

    I had forgotten how funny all the pages used to be. Then drama happened and the funny was tinted with sad. It’s still funny though, and I love it. (Mark should totally get highlights, and I would definitely recommend the clothes sale. Clothes sales are epic.)

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