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  1. Sarah

    Speaking as a cis-female with a fairly large rack, I have the utmost respect for any FTM who chooses to bind down his breasts. That must hurt like a mother-f***er.

    • The Doktor
      The Doktor

      It really does when you’re too scared to buy a binder and just use what you can find. Like duct tape.

      • Sarah

        Duct tape? Ouch, it hurts to even think about!

        • Jackie

          believe me, it does….. it does…. *shudders*

      • Gabers

        OH hell man…. I used duct tape too at first….ripped off skin and caused one hell of a rash that lasted for weeks :\

      • JET73L

        Duct tape is BAD for binding. Do you know what duct tape does when exposed to ~95° temperatures? It SHRINKS, and it gets ECTOTHERMIC. I’ve had girl friends (and at least one transguy friend who was out at the time) have to deal with displaced ribs because they used duct tape for binding at costume conventions, even with tank tops underneath. Ace bandages cause a similar problem; they shrink more, but they’re softer and they don’t heat up as much. I have a friend who still has heavy burn scars from the time xie used duct tape (not even stuck directly to hir skin, but with an inside-out buffer layer on the inside) because they weren’t able to get hir to the appropriate cutting tools in time.

      • Zoe

        Oh God. *clutches breasts in sympathy*

    • Scottie 2 By 4
      Scottie 2 By 4

      Fuck yes. Your respect is much appreciated.

    • Tess

      I’ve gone to a couple of drag events for fun, and I have to agree with you it hurts! My corset is actually much more comfortable.

    • Anonymous

      as a transman with a DD chest i appreciate your respect. shit ain’t fun yo! especially with mild asthma…

    • Transilhouette

      As a trans woman who gets frequent “But isn’t that painful?” questions regarding various aspects of transition, I imagine that a trans man responds to binding questions in the same way: “It’s less painful than gender dysphoria.”

      • JET73L

        This. So much this. Yes, transition is inconvenient and some parts of transition and passing can be physically or emotionally painful, but all of it together is less painful than living day-in, day-out with the dysphoria. It’s like the difference between dragging a heavy burden all day, then loosing your bonds and crashing on a soft bed. Sure, stuff still hurts, but it feels SO MUCH BETTER now that it’s just the little things and not the huge, crushing pressure.

  2. Taco

    Try doing it with asthma @_@

  3. Zane

    Or a scoliosis back brace and tonsilitis.
    That’s how damn important it is to me.

  4. Theo

    Heck, even binders hurt… At least when you have been “blessed” with big ones…

  5. Oryx

    Guys, never bind with bandages. Or duct tape. REALLY bad for you…

    • Oryx

      (Guys in the generic human sense, women and gq people should also not bind with bandages. It’s bad for ANYONE.)

  6. KitKat

    Why does it seem like FTMs always get stuck with really big breasts and cis-females always get stuck with really small ones? If only we could trade….

    • Noah

      I’m a cis-female wearing 34AA and I love my breasts. I’m really thankful that they’re this small.

    • Phoenix

      You can have mine. For free.

  7. Ethan

    I’m gender-neutral w/ male expression and male pronouns preferred. My chest, thankfully, is small. All it takes is a sports bra and I’m fairly flat. Works well for both me and my girlfriend; I pass in public, and she still has tits to play with.

  8. Sam

    Genderfluid here with 40H chest and asthma. Yup; binding hurts and I still don’t pass when trying to present as male because I literally look like someone stuck half a barrel on me [sigh]

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