This is such an awkward thing to ask, my apologies if I go into this with all the grace of a manatee.

The next comic I’m writing includes some characters which have completely different backgrounds and identities to me. Khaos already has an editing team of several people who fill the blanks in my knowledge, but the next comic I do has some things in it I have little experience with and research can only get me so far.

I’m looking for people willing to share their experiences with me and let me ask stupid questions so I can make sure the characters I write are not ignorant representations of minorities.

Some of the things I’ll be covering are people who happen to be:


If you’re interested in helping please email and tell me about yourself. The main things I want to know is what you’d like to see represented and also what you’re sick and tired of seeing!

EDIT: Been swamped with emails! Cheers guys, but dammit stop messaging me now.

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