Greyscale character £25

Colour Character £35

Add another character £7

Add Background £7

Signed A4 Print sent to you £5


Colour Character £35 + Another Character £7 + Another Character £7 +Background £7 = £56 Total

Greyscale Character £25 + Another Character £7 + Background £7 = £39 Total


Prices are for digital commissions or pencil depending on your preference. All colouring will be digital. Each commission is A4 300dpi unless requested otherwise. A print can be sent to you but at extra cost for shipping and paper.


I can do adult images but it depends on the content, whether I'll take on a commission is at my discretion.


If you decide you want a commission email with what you want. I'll give you a quote to confirm the price of that commission, and if you are happy with that you then send me the payment. I'll then make a sketch of the commission and send that to you so you can tell me any changes you want. When you are happy with the sketch I'll then ink it. I'll then check again with you before proceeding to the shading/colouring. If you picked a colour image when I am done with the colouring I will get you to check it again so I can make any colour adjustments if needed. I will then send you the full resolution image as a .JPG. If you ordered a print I will then send it to you.


Commissions take approximately 1 month to complete, though it really depends on my workload. I will inform you if I am especially busy before taking payment so you know when to expect your comission.